Botw Can You Tame A Lynel

Ha you can’t. You don’t tame them, if you mount them you can spam the Y button to deal damage.

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While it seems there are a multitude of secret mounts (non-horses of any kind) that you can mount and ride around, they are not mounts that you can register/keep, while you are able to tame/ride them.

This article talks about all the different mounts and explains based on players accounts that unique mounts such as bears are only able to be mounted, and as soon as you get off, they will walk off too. I wont post more from there as some mounts could be potentially seen as spoilers.

Update: It is impossible sadly… got him down to beaten n blodeied pulp but just alive… froze him n got ontop, another 30 rings of stamina and nope!. the reason it comes up mount is so you can jump on its back n smack the shit out of it. Sorry guys… this bastard iv been after to have as my own for the last 2 days.

So, Ive been dodging his attacks until hebtries his fire blast, then shoot it with an ice arrow. He falls to the ground and you can mount him pretty easy. Still cant take him, i assume.

As for what I found is you can fly on to the lynels and from there they are Easyer to tame if you freeze a horse and jump on its back it takes more stamina so I think the same applies to these lynels. I have not tested this but I think it’s a good theory I hope someone try’s it . Good luck

Near to Seres Scablands there is a npc that tells of a story he heard about lynels which says you can ride them. So keep on trying 😉

A good portion of large wildlife can be utilized as a temporary mount in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild if a horse is unavailable or if a stable is too far away. Deer and elk are likely the most reliable of these creatures, although they lack speed and are much harder to control than horses. However, they are a fun novelty players can exploit if given the chance. Wild boars can also be taken out for a quick ride if players are able to stay on their backs long enough to make any progress. Surprisingly, bears are also able to be mounted. Though not particularly useful or fast, these big, lumbering creatures can deal quite a heavy blow to most low level enemies. Unfortunately, none of the wildlife mounts can be registered at the stables for future use.

Horses, though the most common form of transportation across the kingdom of Hyrule, are not the only creatures players can ride in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Soon after its release in 2017, Breath of the Wild rose to fame as one of the most popular games in the The Legend of Zelda franchise, maintaining its popularity for years to come. Dedicated fans who completed the main story line may wish to spend a little more time in Breath of the Wilds post-game as there are plenty of secrets to explore.

With a seemingly endless landscape and activities, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild presents players with a multitude of means of traversing its world. For those who are more inclined to ride horses over gods, there are four rare horses that can be found throughout the game that provide additional lore and items when tamed, alongside all of the other animals mentioned above.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild provides players with more than just wild horses to ride in the vast wilderness of the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Breath of the Wild is centered on the hero Link as he awakes from a 100-year slumber to find out that the Kingdom of Hyrule has fallen to ruins. Hyrules lands are abundant with a vast assortment of wild horses players can tame throughout the game. These mounts greatly aid in traversing the landscape and expedite travel points as Link pursues his quest of defeating Ganon. However, there is quite an abundance of alternative mounts in the game players can choose from if a horse starts to feel a little old.

How do you stay on a lynel?

0:192:10How to Easily Mount and Beat a Lynel in Zelda Breath of the Wild – YouTubeYouTubeInício do clipe sugeridoFinal do clipe sugeridoThen you press X to do a backflip. And you can pull out your bow and arrow to hit him on the headMoreThen you press X to do a backflip. And you can pull out your bow and arrow to hit him on the head now. When he starts to swing his sword at you if you press ZL back and x-linked will do a backflip.

Silver-Maned Lynels The Silver-Maned Lynels are the most difficult Lynel type that Link will have to face in a players first run-through of Breath of the Wild.


Can you mount and tame a Lynel?

Lynels are inferred to be grouped among “non horse mounts” that are mountable or ridable but are not able to be registered which still answers the question.

What Animals Can you tame in Breath of the Wild?

If you are confident with a bow, hitting a Lynel in the face will stun it. Using a bow that fires multiple arrows makes this a tad easier. Using Ice Arrows or stasis will freeze the Lynel temporarily. If you get close enough, you mount it and deal additional damage!