Bully Max Vs Gorilla Max

Bully Max comes in tablet form. It’s ultra-effective muscle building pill that promotes muscle growth and general health. Gorilla Max comes in powder form, and with 20 grams of high-quality protein per scoop, is like the protein powders that athletes use. It promotes maximum muscle growth and size.

You were mostly unsure to pick A or B

Cannot decide between A and B? No worries! There is one easy solution for you: pick both. That’s right! Instead of having to choose between Bully Max and Gorilla Max, why not give both to your dog? This way, you can alternate between the two and your dog will get the benefits of both products!

The advantages of choosing Gorilla Max

Whey protein has proven itself to be the best protein source. Unlike most sources of protein, whey is easier to absorb and digest. And it contains a high level of muscle-building amino acids.

Whey protein is the main ingredient of Gorilla Max. Every serving contains 20 gr of whey protein. This number is astounding, considering a bag of peanuts only contains around 5 gr of protein. Compared to Bully Max, Gorilla Max promises quicker results when it comes to muscle building. Besides, it also helps to boost your dog’s health and growth.

The powder form makes it easier for you to mix Gorilla Max with your dog’s meal. Besides, if one dosage is too much for one meal, you can divide it into two meals. Use a half on breakfast and save the rest for dinner.

Is Gorilla Max Good dog food?

Excellent high performance dog food! My 3 year pitbull just loves this food! This product is excellent for building muscle and definition! Highly recommended for skinny pitbulls.


Which one is better Bully Max or Gorilla Max?

Bully Max supplement is an ultra-effective muscle building pill that helps in promoting muscle growth and improving the overall health of the dog. Gorilla Max, on the other hand, offers high-quality protein per scoop to achieve maximum muscle growth and size. Both are excellent, but Bully Max offers better results.

Can you mix Bully Max with Gorilla Max?

Yes, All Bully Max, Gorilla Max, and Miracle Vet products are compatible with one another. When combined with Bully Max, Gorilla Max delivers results faster and more effectively.

Which Bully Max is best?

We recommend combining Bully Max Pro Series with Bully Max Performance Series for maximum results. You can view the combo pack here. Bully Max™ Facts: The #1-Rated, best-selling muscle builder for dogs worldwide.

Is Bully Max vet recommended?

Trusted By Veterinarians

Veterinarian formulated & approved for all breeds of dogs ages 7 weeks and older.