Can 8 week old puppy eat scrambled eggs? Here’s What to Do Next


You should always feed your puppy cooked eggs. It makes no difference how you cook them; they just should never be raw.

So, whether scrambled or boiled, your puppy will come running to devour this treat after smelling it from afar.

If you want to feed your canine egg shells, make sure to grind them first. Egg shells can have sharp edges that can pierce the mouth or throat.

I grind them into powder with a mortar and pestle then sprinkle it on his meal. Ive also seen people use a blender and a coffee grinder for this task, so do whatever works best for you.

Is It Safe for Puppies to Eat Scrambled Eggs?

It all depends on how they were prepared. Its fine to make scrambled eggs for your little buddy, but avoid putting any additives.

Things like fats, spices, and occasionally dairy can put your puppy’s health at risk.

For example, too much salt can cause salt poisoning, and too much fat can cause pancreatic inflammation.

Thats why giving in to puppy eyes and giving your doggo your leftover scrambled eggs might not be a good idea.

Aside from that, a plain scrambled egg can be a very healthy snack for your puppy.

How Many Eggs Can a Dog Eat Weekly?

I know that people want a specific answer to this but I dont know how many ways I can stress that each dog is different and we eventually learn what works for each of our dogs. So Ill share what I do for my dogs to give you a starting point.

I find it easier to create a schedule so that I know which mornings the dogs get eggs without giving it much thought:

  • Monday: raw eggs
  • Tuesday: raw goats milk/kefir fast + raw eggs
  • Wednesday: raw eggs
  • Thursday: FASTING DAY
  • Friday: raw eggs
  • I dont always do the milk fast day (there are weeks when it doesnt work) and I NEVER fast a puppy.

    I choose to feed my dogs raw eggs three to four days weekly because this worked for us and after my dogs nutrient tests came back with great results, However, three to four days is what I do – its not the rule. There are raw feeders who feed raw eggs twice weekly and some who feed raw eggs daily. For me, sourcing (friends, Costco) and budget can impact how often I feed eggs – if I lost my source or the cost of eggs started growing, then I may need to rethink how often I feed eggs (or start raising my own chickens).

    Can dogs eat scrambled eggs?