Can a bull terrier be a guard dog? Here’s What to Do Next

Are Bull Terriers Good With Kids?

Bull Terriers absolutely love to play and can be goofy and fun with children.

Older children who know how to handle dogs can easily spend time with them.

However, we don’t recommend having Bull Terriers in a house with very young children.

This is not due to aggression towards kids. Rather, this dog breed can become so over-enthusiastic during play that it becomes clumsy or rough.

You must be extremely watchful when Bull Terriers are around small children. They can easily knock them over or hurt them by accident.

So, it is better to avoid having a Bull Terrier in your home, especially if you have younger siblings.

Bull Terrier Temperament

Can a bull terrier be a guard dog?

It’s important to know the temperament of Bull Terriers, so you can understand your pet better.

This will also allow you to train them in the right way.

Sweet-natured, silly, and loving. These are some of the best qualities of the Bull Terrier. And they are pretty intelligent, too.

For your Bull Terrier’s wonderful nature to shine, socialization is key.

This means your pet dog must spend lots of time with other people, dogs, and animals in the early stages of its life.

Fighting other dogs is literally in their genes as their ancestors were trained to do so.

But today, this dog breed is much gentler and can be taught not to be aggressive.

Bull Terriers are gentle, loyal, and playful. They are also independent thinkers and are very self-confident.

You’ll find they are a treat to be around and make great family dogs.

Are Bull Terriers Good With Other Dogs?

Can a bull terrier be a guard dog?

If you’re getting a Bull Terrier, it should be the only dog in your home.

Bull Terriers naturally don’t get along well with other dogs. They don’t always get aggressive, especially if you have trained them.

But they can quickly get into a fight and will not tolerate an ill-mannered dog.

It is important to never keep the Bull Terrier with another dog of the same sex.

They are very territorial about their owner, food, and toys, so sharing will be an issue for them.

Friendliness towards humans and dogs is a completely different concept. And the Bull Terrier is definitely not your most dog-friendly option.

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