Can a small dog breed with a medium dog? A Step-by-Step Guide

Health Concerns When Breeding a Larger Male with a Smaller Female

Whether it was purposeful or not, several problems often arise when a small female is carrying the puppies of a substantially larger male.

These sporting dogs are known to be very happy, smart and gentle. While they can be quite active, they behave well with other animals and kids.

As field dogs, Brittanys have boundless energy and make for excellent running, hiking and hunting partners. Theyre quick to learn and love a challenge, but can be somewhat reserved if not properly socialized.

Aussies are uncannily smart and independent, with strong herding instincts that means theyll want to stick close to you. Loyal and devoted to their owners, these dogs are wary of strangers.

An Irish breed, these fuzzy terriers are known for their deep devotion and enthusiastic displays of affection. Owners have even nicknamed their characteristically enthusiastic welcome the “Wheaten greetin.”

Border collies are incredibly smart and athletic workers — one even starred in the movie Babe — but they have a tendency to herd objects and people, including children.

Small-medium dog breeds, 20lbs – 34lbs

Height: 8 to 12 inches

These short-legged pups were originally happiest when they were off hunting, so keep in mind that your next best friend may come with some serious gardening skills.

Average Weight: 32lbs

Personality: Loyal, energetic and affectionate – Dachshunds will be quick to alert you to visitors and enjoy nothing more than inviting older children to play along with them.

Once companion animals for lace-workers in England, French Bulldogs had the important job of helping to rid the workrooms of rats, later becoming trendy pets for artists, writers, painters, and the wealthy Paris bohemian class.

Average Weight: 28lbs or less

Personality: Playful, entertaining and well-behaved, Frenchies charm every family member into feeling adored and will thrive on the energetic personalities of the children in the house too.

Born tailless, unlike the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Pembrokes helped herd cattle, sheep and Welsh ponies for South Wales farmers before becoming a household feature in royal English palaces.

Average Weight: 28-30lbs

Personality: Friendly, intelligent, very energetic – Pembroke Welsh Corgis give everything they do 100% from competing in agility and training to being a therapy dog or just having fun outdoors on a hike.

Full-tailed Cardigans may be long-bodied but they are fast. Fast enough to be swept up by cattle farmers to protect homesteads and drive livestock out into fields, dispersing the herd over acres of land.

Average Weight: 25-34lbs

Personality: High-spirited, fun-loving and easy-going – this dog is totally devoted to family-time, all day. In fact, it’s the Cardigan’s goal in life to please all family members and get along with other pets.

With a typical no-nonsense terrier attitude, the lovable Scottie once roamed the Scottish Highlands sniffing out and pursuing prey.

Average Weight: 21lbs

Personality: Spirited, alert and feisty – Scotties do well in homes where they can make a family member the center of their universe and vice versa.

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