Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Swim

Who doesn’t love to spend outdoor time with their Bernese mountain dogs, right? They get a bit goofy while playing with their family members.

The Bernese mountain dogs are a large breed. On top of that, they come with fairly long and dense coats. So, you must be wondering if they can swim and how to train them to swim. Let’s break down each of your queries.

Bernese Mountain dogs can swim, although many do not like the water. Equally, they are not the best swimmers compared to other breeds; it’s not instinctive for them to know how to naturally do so.

#Provide Both Physical And Emotional Support To Your Dog

Always have your dog’s back literally. Hold it in a position that allows both of its legs to move.

Also, praise or boost your dog’s morale each time it makes an achievement in regards to swimming. Verbalize or clap for it.

Make sure that it knows it has done something good.

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    Again, invest in a quality and have your dog wear it every time you go out swimming.

    Extra tip; Always shop for life jackets that are orange or yellow in color, which are made of polyvinyl chloride or polythene material.

    This material is not only waterproof but also ensures your dog stays afloat regardless of the turbulence or waves in the water.

    Is it too late to teach Bernese mountain dogs to swim?

    No, it’s never too late to teach Bernese mountain dogs to swim. While Bernese dogs learn to swim best when they are young, adult dogs can also learn to swim like a champion.

    Begin the training by introducing your dog to shallow and warm water. You will have to train your puppy very patiently to make it a swimmer in no time.


    What breed of dog can’t swim?

    The Bulldog, Pug, Dachshund, Pekingese, Basset Hound, and Boxer are some of the most popular breeds of dogs who are generally unable to swim due to their anatomy and facial structure. Additionally, dogs with ideal anatomy might struggle to keep afloat if they have heavy, thick fur coats.

    Do Bernedoodles like to swim?

    Berners are loyal dogs who become attached to their family. They prefer to spend time with their people, but with enough exercise and mental stimulation may be left home alone for five to eight hours. They can develop destructive behaviors when lonely, so crate training may be necessary.