Can cat litter be used for puppies? Find Out Here

Using Cat Litter for Other Pets

You can use biodegradable and natural brands for hedgehogs, rats, mice, and other small pets. Non-clumping cat products can also work if they don’t contain fragrances or chemicals.

Don’t use cat substrate for chickens because they will peck at the clay/crystals, which can cause digestion problems or even death.

If you’re not sure what litter types to use for your small pet, you should talk about it with your vet to avoid

Is Cat Litter Dangerous to Dogs?

Unfortunately, yes. Although none of the ingredients in cat litter are toxic, cat litter can still be dangerous for dogs. Dogs that eat cat litter may have an upset stomach, but more seriously, eating cat litter can result in blockages that require emergency surgery to correct.

Is Cat Litter Toxic to Dogs?

If you have a blended household, then you may notice your dog catching a glimpse of his feline sibling’s litter box every now and again. Maybe you’ve even caught your dog in the act of digging its way through the litter or, worse, gulping down a mouthful or two. Of course, it’s understandable that, at times, their curiosity may get the best of them. However, as their owner, you may be concerned that their bad habits could land them a visit to the vet. Perhaps, you’ve even wondered, “Is cat litter toxic to dogs?” or “What happens to their body when they ingest cat litter or worse, cat poop?”

Good news for you: Most clumping and non-clumping cat litter isn’t toxic to animals or humans (kids included). So, if your dog mistakes the litter for kibble, then you can rest easy knowing that their sneaky snack will likely result in an upset stomach, but nothing more than that. There are instances when the litter may be too much for your pup’s body to handle, whether it’s due to an allergy-inducing artificial fragrance or an unfortunate combination of Escherichia coli and clostridium found in the cat’s feces.

Prepare yourself for the inevitable by reading this guide on what to do when your dog eats cat litter, including tips on how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Litter Box Training A Dog Pros And Cons

Dogs can be pretty disgusting at times. Whether your dog went through the bag, the bin, or, more disgusting, into the litter tray, if you’ve spotted your dog scarfing back some cat litter, you’re probably pretty concerned. It’s a good idea to worry; whilst cat litter is usually inert and non-toxic, it’s not digestible, and it can make your dog ill.