Can dogs be allergic to venison? What to Know

The benefits of Venison and Novel Proteins

Venison isn’t a common protein source, which makes it less likely for dogs to have adverse reactions to it. If your dog hasn’t eaten Venison before, chances are this protein won’t trigger any allergic reactions to it.

It’s also high in B vitamins and minerals. The B complex vitamins are essential to maintaining healthy blood cells and metabolism. These can keep your dog full of energy, whether it’s taking walks outside or playing games. This protein also has Iron and Phosphorus, which helps maintain healthy blood and bones.

Compared to other proteins, Venison is also leaner. It only contains 159 calories per 100 grams, with only 3.3 calories from fat. This is an ideal choice if you need to give your dogs a healthier option.

For accurate results, you’ll need to feed a non-contaminated simple ingredient diet (it can be commercial or cooked) for the entire trial. Most importantly, the diet should include a single-source animal or vegetable protein and a single source of carbohydrate calories, without other natural flavors (that could have unidentified proteins)—and it must be a food your pet hasn’t had in the past. Classic examples include venison and potato, rabbit and pea, and fish and potato.

Food allergies are quite common these days in canines and are often due to a food protein that triggers an adverse immune response, which then causes cells in the body to release histamines, or compounds that lead to itching and many other allergic signs. Yet generally, it’s the protein part of those foods that tend to be problematic, rather than the meat itself. Chicken for instance is found in almost every commercial grade food and a lot of dogs are sensitive to it. The more common a food is, the more likely the allergy. For an allergy to a food to develop, a dog needs to be exposed to that food. That may explain why the proteins most commonly found in dog food, like beef and chicken, fall higher on the list.

At Viera Petworks, we promise that providing exotic foods are not for the hipster crowd trying to impress with meats primarily found in Australia or New Zealand. What it boils down to: Food Allergies

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Can dogs be allergic to venison?

Can Dogs Eat Venison?