Can dogs be dumb? Tips and Tricks

Task #4

Look for a piece of furniture where you can put a treat under. The furniture should be low enough that only your dog’s paws will fit.

Goal: To test your dog’s problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Scoring: Your pooch deserves three points if, by using its paws, it gets the treats in under a minute. Two points are awarded if your dog struggles and tries to fit its head in the space or uses both paws and nose to get the treat. One point if your dog can’t manage to get the snacks at all.

Add the number of points your dog earned and compare it with the results below.

  • 9 to 12 points: Your dog is a genius! Congratulations, human! Your dog has a future being a service dog.
  • 5 to 8 points: Your dog needs you for guidance and needs plenty of assistance figuring things out.
  • Less than 5 points: Your dog is not the sharpest canine out there, but wits are never needed for your dog to give the best cuddles.
  • Note that the results of these activities are not infallible. Some dogs are just too stubborn and won’t cooperate in these kinds of tests. Some dogs would also willingly wait until their owners give in without working for a solution.

    Border Collie

    This breed is well-known for its extraordinary instinct and impressive intelligence.

    Border Collies were used to herd sheep because of their naturally protective temperament and high intellect. They learn incredibly fast and do well in agility sports. Ideally a family dog, they’re also faithful, protective, and low-maintenance.

    Doberman Pinscher

    Not a top choice for families because of their vicious and intimidating looks, but the Doberman Pinscher is also a smart and reliable dog. They have a fearless nature and impressive stamina, making them excellent guard dogs.

    During the war, the Doberman Pinschers were used by the military to guide the soldiers and protect the troops while traversing dense forests. Today, Doberman Pinchers are more useful being therapy dogs.

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