Can Dogs Eat Nacho Cheese Doritos

Is it true that your dog emerges every time you crack open a bag of Doritos? Dogs adore these cheese chips, but many owners are unsure whether they should offer them to their pets. Is it possible for dogs to eat Doritos? And if so, should they eat them?

Dogs should not eat Doritos. While one or two ingredients may be innocuous to most dogs, the chemicals might be toxic when consumed in excessive quantities. Doritos are also high in calories, salt, and fat, none of which are ideal for your pet. Try to provide healthy options.

If you give your dog chips on a regular basis, they will develop a liking for them. Your astute dog will recognize the bag’s sound and urge you for a treat. Alternative goodies abound, which we took the time to highlight in this article so you can make a choice yourself.

Doritos are not made for pets and should not be given to your dog regularly. Dogs have a shorter digestive tract that does not allow them to break down dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives like humans do. This can lead to problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and even seizures.

My Dog Ate a Dorito! Oh No!

While you may be worried – as many people do, because of the ingredients and more in a Dorito chip (or a whole bag as many dogs have the tendency of sneaking away with) may scare you. Many Dorito chips have a ton of seasonings ranging from garlic to onions – which may be toxic to your dog. But there’s good news! None of the ingredients in a Dorito are enough to actually cause toxicity and poison your pup. So yes, dogs can eat Doritos, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to continuously give them to a dog.

Are Doritos Bad For Your Dog?

You’re having taco Tuesday or nacho night, and the next thing you know you’re dog’s wanting to have some chips with you. You normally do one of two things – give in to them, or they end up getting it when you aren’t looking. The same thing happens when you have your snack setup all ready for the big game on a Sunday. Your Doritos® end up getting eaten, and your inventory is set short. What do you do? Should you be worried? As a matter of fact, many of our foods (especially those that are meant for us to have a snack) can be harmful to your pooch. But is a Dorito?

Will Doritos Kill My Dog?

While Doritos contain harmful substances, they aren’t enough to kill your dog. There isn’t enough salt, fat, garlic, or onion powder in one chip to harm your pet. Some dogs, however, are able to handle more of these components than others.

You shouldn’t be concerned if your dog steals one or two chips. However, if your dog eats a considerable size bowl or bag of them, you should contact your veterinarian. It’s always best to be safe, so contact your veterinarian if your dog displays any signs of illness.


What if my dog ate Doritos?

There’s not enough of either in a single Dorito chip to cause concern, though, so unless your dog eats the whole bag, you should have nothing to worry about. If your dog snags a few chips, there’s no reason to panic or call your vet. However, Doritos are full of things like salt and fat, which your dog doesn’t need.

Can dogs eat nacho cheese chips?

Refrain from letting your dog eat any processed chips including Doritos Nacho Cheese. These chips are likely to contain ingredients that are either toxic to dogs or bad for the dog’s health if they are ingested in large amounts.