Can dogs eat raw lamb shanks? A Comprehensive Guide

How to Safely Feed Your Dog Bones

The FDA has expressed serious concerns about feeding dogs raw food, as this can carry bacteria and could contaminate your dog and your family.

So pay attention when you buy and prepare your dog’s raw bones:

  • buy only fresh products, preferably from a local butcher;
  • freeze bones in individual portions to kill any potential bacteria;
  • remove your dog’s bone after 30-45 minutes of chewing – never let your dog chew on a bone that’s been at room temperature for too long;
  • always wash and sanitize all kitchen tools you use for preparing your dog’s raw food;
  • clean all surfaces that have been in contact with any raw bones.
  • How to Feed Dogs Lamb Shank Bones Safely

    If you do decide to give your dog a lamb shank bone, there are some safety tips you should follow:

  • Only give them raw lamb shank bones because cooked bones can splinter and cause internal damage.
  • Supervise your dog while they chew on the bone.
  • Cut the lamb shank bone into smaller pieces.
  • Avoid giving your dog small bones to avoid choking.
  • Only give lamb shank bones as an occasional treat and not part of their regular diet.
  • Can dogs eat raw lamb shanks?

    Which Are the Right Bones to Feed Your Dog?

    Dogs have been eating raw meat and bones for thousands of years, and according to many vets, this shouldn’t change just because men invented kibbles. A dog’s digestive system is strong enough to process raw bones and meat, and at the same time, it fights the bacteria that comes with it.

    You can feed your dog any kind of meat that you’d buy for yourself, such as chicken, beef, turkey, pork, and lamb, and most of these bones as well. However be sure to avoid pork bones, because they splinter easily, and the heavy bones of larger herbivores, because they’re difficult to break and may harm your dog.

    To avoid such incidents, you should consider your dog’s size when giving her a bone. Choose bones that can’t fit entirely in your dog’s mouth, because swallowing the whole bone could kill her. And watch her every time she’s chewing on her bone, as you normally do when you feed her, just in case.

    You’ll notice that all specialists state that dogs should eat raw bones only. Cooked bones can cause severe health problems, and can even kill a dog, especially the ones coming from lamb and chicken. So never let your dog have free access to dinner leftovers.

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