Can dogs eat slightly off chicken? The Ultimate Guide

Can I feed my dog spoiled chicken?

Can dogs eat spoiled meat? No, dogs can’t eat spoiled meat. Though dogs’ stomachs are highly acidic, it is still possible for them to get food poisoning. If the meat is past the point where you would eat it, your dog shouldn’t eat it either.

Yep, sadly my lab will eat his own shit and any dead animals that the cat brings him, so out of date chicken should be fine, I will cook it and they can have some tonight, will save me a few £ on dog food and make up for the fact I have to buy another chicken.

Dogs eat shit and puke and live so I would if it smelt OK but Im not a dog owner or any kind of expert so feel free to ignore me Grin

full When my labradoodle was a puppy he went through a wonderful stage of eating his own shite. He once stole and ate 6 chocolate brownies and was fine just a bit hyperactive for a while. Labs will eat anything Grin

Just went to cook the chicken and realised its dated to use by the 13th ( slightly pissed off as that was the day I bought it ), this chicken was going to last us for 2 meals so will now have to buy another. Anyway, it seems a shame to chuck it away, would it be ok to cook for the dogs?

I would for larger dogs but not tiny ones. Big dogs seem to have very strong stomachs for that kind of thing.

H​ow Long Can Cooked Chicken Sit Out For Dogs?

W​hen prepared for humans, cooked chicken can safely sit out for two hours. This is because bacteria can grow rapidly at room temperature.

Because dogs have tougher stomachs than humans, you can push this time to three or four hours. However, much longer than this and you risk your dog suffering from food poisoning.

¿Can DOGS Eat RAW CHICKEN? Here The Truth

No, dogs should not eat Spoiled meat. Although the canine stomach is much more robust than humans, Spoiled meat contains harmful bacteria and harmful toxins that can still infect dogs. While the chances of dogs getting sick from eating Spoiled meat are less than humans, they are still prone to food poisoning if they eat too much of it.