Can Dogs Eat Spare Rib Bones

Wondering if it’s safe for your dog to have pork rib bones either cooked or raw? Find out what you need to know about feeding pork bones to your dog.

Maybe you just polished off some baby back ribs for dinner (Mmm…can’t beat a BBQ slathered rib, right?) and are now staring at a pile of bones on your plate wondering if you can throw one to the dog.

Hey, cartoons and animations always depict them with a bone in their mouth right? What could be the harm?

Well, unfortunately, cooked pork rib bones are definitely not something you want to feed your dog.

Let’s talk about why, if raw pork rib bones are any better and what the best bones are for giving your dog as a treat.

If you happened to have some beans alongside that BBQ rib dinner, read – can dogs eat black beans? too for more information.

The short answer: No. “I do not recommend giving pork rib bones to your dog,” said Susan Konecny, RN, DVM and medical director at Best Friends Animal Society®. Raw poultry and pork bones, in addition to cooked bones of any kind, should be off limits when it comes to your dog’s diet.

Can Dogs Eat Smoked Ham Bones?

Many pets have died due to eating smoked ham bones. The bones splinter and hurt pets. We do not recommend feeding your dog smoked ham bones.

Can Dogs Eat Spare Rib Bones

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Spare Rib Bones?

Do not feed dogs cooked spare rib bones as they are a health hazard for your pets.

What Type of Bones Can Dogs Eat?

The short answer is never feed your dog cooked bones. They can splinter and injure your dog.

Yes, generally, most raw dog bones can be fed to your dog under strict supervision.

Smoked bones cause injury or illness in some dogs. We do not recommend feeding them to your dog.