Can dogs get sick from eating bugs? Let’s Explore

Common Questions About Dogs and Bugs

Before we get into the specific bugs, let’s look at some common questions dog owners have about their dogs eating bugs. Chances are you might have these questions too.

Most bugs are pretty harmless to dogs and could even add a bit of protein to their diet. But should they eat them? Since it is totally normal and harmless (for the most part) you can allow them to be curious and explore their world.

You don’t have to encourage them to eat the bugs, they will do that all on their own.

Or will dogs eat bugs? And the answer to both is yes. Dogs are naturally curious creatures. It’s in their nature to play with bugs and even chomp on a few of them.

Is it normal for dogs to eat bugs?

It’s totally normal for dogs to eat bugs. This doesn’t mean they are sick or need to go to the vet. Bugs to dogs are a small snack that they can play with at the same time.

Why do dogs like eating bugs? That’s a really good question! In fact, why do some dogs eat bugs? And others don’t?

Dogs eat bugs out of curiosity. They see these critters crawling around and have a strange desire to play with them. Sometimes they even nip at them and end up crunching on a few. Other times, dogs just really enjoy the taste and texture of certain bugs.

There are some bugs that could hurt your dog if they eat it. Scary enough, some bugs are even toxic.

Let’s look at which bugs you need to be careful that your dog avoids so you can keep them safe.

What if my dog ate a June bug?

If your dog is eating May bugs, also known as June bugs, just make sure it’s not in huge quantities. While these beetles aren’t toxic to dogs, they do have a bitter taste which can cause excessive drooling or vomiting if your dog bites down into one.

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Dogs are instinctively outdoor and playful animals. It’s far from uncommon to find your dog nipping at an insect in the backyard or out in the park. And even though the idea grosses out most humans, this is a natural phenomenon among animals.

In the wild, animals eat all kinds of crazy things. Sometimes they snack on clay and dirt to absorb minerals that they otherwise don’t get from their regular diets. Carnivores are often seen chomping on vegetation, making no sense at first, but it’s part of their instincts.

Besides, dogs explore the world with their mouths. They enjoy discovering new textures, smells, and tastes.

Also, we can’t deny they are huge snoops; they just love getting their noses everywhere to find out what the slightest sound of movement is about. Dogs are intrinsically curious animals—probably the reason why they are so eager to follow us to the bathroom every time.

If you are reading these lines, you’ve probably caught your dog munching on a bug once or more, and the following question has crossed your mind “Should I worry about it?” The short answer here would be “Mostly, no,” but I wouldn’t dare it’s safe either.

In this guide, you and I will get into which insects are safe for your doggy to eat and which aren’t. Also, we will answer the ultimate question, “Should I allow my dog to eat bugs?” and break down what the right approach should be to keep your furry companion happy and safe.