Can dogs go on a bus? A Step-by-Step Guide

Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Pet Policy

To travel on the Long Island Rail Road, a pet must be in a bag or carrier. The LIRR website states that an animal must be “properly confined for shipment.”

Have a large dog? You can get creative and hope for the best.

The LIRR lists seeing eye and hearing dogs as the exception to the rule.

  • Yes, dogs are allowed on Metro-North.
  • Metro-North is not as strict. You’re allowed to bring a dog as long as they’re on a leash or in a bag, and as long as they’re well behaved. Metro-North says:

    The same rules apply to service animals.

    Are dogs allowed on the NYC Ferry?

  • Yes, dogs are allowed on the NYC Ferry.
  • Dogs are allowed on the NYC Ferry, as long as they’re in a carrier.

    The official website states, “we follow a ‘No Paws on Deck’ rule meaning your pet must be in a pet carrier to be allowed on board for the comfort and safety of all riders.”

    Granted, I have to say I’ve ridden the ferry many times over the years and have always seen dog passengers, oftentimes not in a carrier and/or not wearing a muzzle.

    When you visit a new city, using public transit is a convenient way to get around. But can your pet join you? Find out which cities in the U.S. and Canada offer pet friendly public transportation.

    Can dogs go on a bus?

    Dealing with traffic while finding your way around a new city can be daunting. Jumping on the bus or train is much easier, but can your pet go, too? We’ve done the research, and are happy to bring you this guide to pet friendly public transportation across the US and Canada!

    Before we dig in, please understand that this post includes only guidelines and policies for taking pets aboard public transit. Both the United States and Canada permit service animals to accompany disabled passengers on public transportation for no charge.

    These dogs get picked up in a school bus @MoMountainMutts

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