Can dogs have Rice Krispies? A Step-by-Step Guide

How are Rice Krispies made?

Essentially, Rice Krispy is rice that has been oven-popped—the same way popcorns are popped. However, since the normal rice doesn’t contain moisture which is a vital element in the popping process, the production process of Rice Krispies is a bit more detailed. For instance, while the process starts with rice, the final product is not individual popped rice grains.

The rice is first ground into a paste, in which sugar, salt, vitamins, and malt flavorings are added. The paste is then molded back to rice-shaped grains, which are then cooked, dried, and toasted. It is the final toasting process that is done the same way popcorns are popped—the moisture inside the molded rice grains turns into steam, making the whole thing to pop and create the texture of your typical Rice Krispies.

The leading ingredients in most brands of Rice Krispies are:

  • Rice (71%)
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Vitamins and Minerals (Vitamins B2, B6, B1, B12& D, Niacin, & Iron).
  • Barley malt Flavoring
  • So, Can dogs eat Rice Krispies?

    Can dogs have Rice Krispies?

    Technically,Rice Krispies are safe for dogs to eat albeit in moderation. If anything, rice (which is the main ingredient in the breakfast cereal) is a common ingredient in many commercial dog foods. However, Rice Krispies are formulated for humans—not dogs—so just because it doesn’t contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs doesn’t mean that it is a healthy snack for your pup.

    Based on the above list of leading ingredients, there are a few concerns you need to keep in mind, especially if you plan to allow your dog to consume large quantities of Rice Krispies:

    Can dogs eat Rice Krispies?

    Dogs can’t eat Rice Krispies because it has a high sugar content that’s not recommended for your dog. It also contains gluten from the malt flavoring, which your dog could be allergic to. Cocoa Rice Krispies also contain chocolate that is poisonous to your dog.

    Can Dogs Eat Rice Krispies

    As I was enjoying my Rice Krispies treat today, my Labrador came over and placed his paw on my arm. It was his way of asking me to share what I’m eating with him. As I was about to share this human snack with him, I wondered, “can my dog eat Rice Krispies?” If you’re asking the same question, here’s the short answer first.

    Can dogs eat Rice Krispies? No, dogs should not eat Rice Krispies treats since they are packed full of sugar, fat, carbohydrates, sodium, and calories. Regularly eating this processed treat can lead to health issues such as upset stomach, diabetes, weight gain, and even pancreatitis in dogs. This sugary human snack is also quite sticky, difficult for dogs to chew, and can even be a choking hazard. It’s best that dogs stay away from Rice Krispies treats.

    Below, we’ll dive deep into why dog owners should keep Rice Krispies away from their furry family members. The reasons we’ve provided above only scratches the surface for why our dogs should stay away from Rice Krispies. Below we’ll discuss in-depth how this chewy and sugary treat can harm your dog’s health.