Can dogs hear through walls? A Step-by-Step Guide

How far away can a dog hear you?

The other strong sense your dog has is the sense of hearing. Where you might be able to hear something roughly 50-100 feet away, you dog can hear something as far away as a quarter of a mile, sometimes even farther. Dog’s ears are also built in a formation that helps them receive sound waves more clearly than humans.

Dogs’ ears are ultra-sensitive, and their hearing ranges are wider than humans. Dogs can hear sounds from about 67 Hz to 45,000 Hz, compared to people hearing from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

History Behind Dogs Smelling Through Walls

Can dogs hear through walls?

Dogs have been used by humans for many years, as they have a natural smelling ability. They were used for detection reasons back in the 1940s. At that time, they were employed to sniff out mines and then in the 1970s, dogs began to help sniff out drugs and other illegal substances such as heroin, marijuana, explosives, and illegal money. Dogs have been working with law enforcement for a long time and have therefore been able to signal when they smell something of interest.

Support of dogs for law enforcement purposes then became a part of policing as we know it today. Dogs are now trained for scent detection reasons in various circumstances, and they have been taught to act in both aggressive and passive ways, depending on the situation.

It is not uncommon to see dogs now being used for supporting security operations, search and rescue missions, detecting illegal substances and explosives, helping military staff, and chastising criminals. Detection dogs can now be seen regularly in places such as airports or at public events.

Historically, there was not much use for dogs ancestors to smell through walls until domestication set in, and even then, its not a natural ability that is overly warranted.

Make Sure You Adjust the Pitch of the Whistle First

Did you know different dogs react to different pitches? I must admit I didn’t know when I first started looking at this topic. That means any dog whistle you get should be adjustable (most good ones are, though).

The whistle I bought in the photo below has a rubber sleeve on it. I slid that off to reveal the metal whistle. One end can be unscrewed, so I just adjusted it by tiny amounts, blowing on the end with each attempt. Freya just stared at me to start with. I’m sure she thought I was mad.

Can dogs hear through walls?

Anyway, after six or seven attempts, I made another tiny adjustment and blew it again. This time, her head cocked to one side. I knew I had the correct pitch, so I slid the rubber casing back on and kept it handy for training sessions.

I have no doubt that if I’d just tried the whistle in another room to start with, Freya wouldn’t have responded to it. However, because I took the time to find the correct pitch for Freya’s fluffy ears, it worked.

But only when I had started to train her, of course.

Listen Hear through walls. Spy microphone gadget equipment.

A dog whistle isn’t ideal for adjusting bad behavior in a neighbor’s dog. Even if they hear it, they won’t know how to react to it.

Training a dog is essential if you are going to have proper control over its actions. There are several ways you can do this, but a dog whistle is one of the most popular.

Before you choose a training method, you’ll want to make sure it works in a variety of circumstances. Since dog whistles aren’t designed to be heard by humans, you might wonder whether it could be heard through walls. You are probably going to use it indoors as well as out, after all.

If you want to know the answer to this question, keep reading. I’ve spent a lot of time digging up information on this topic. I know more about dog whistles and their pros and cons than I ever knew before.

I even bought a dog whistle a while ago and have been experimenting with it. The training continues… I’ll let you know how it goes.

Put simply, if you’re thinking about using a whistle and wondering if you can use it while in a different room to your pooch, read on.