Can dogs mate with their mother? A Comprehensive Guide

What happens if a mother and son dog mate?

Inbreeding is a form of breeding where two dogs that are closely related to each other and share similar DNA will be matched up. … If they inbreed two related dogs, they could produce puppies with desirable physical traits, and, perhaps, no problems will occur.

For the female pups, pay attention to how much of their X’s overlap. Admittedly this is just one outcome but you can see that in each case about half of their X overlaps. In the father/daughter case the two X’s share the green DNA and in the mother/son case, they share one quarter of their black and one quarter of their orange.

Inbreeding causes problems because of something called recessive alleles. Remember that humans (and dogs) have two copies of every gene. Recessive alleles are versions of a gene that only become apparent if a person has two of the same allele. If the recessive allele causes a disease or an undesirable trait, then the pup will get that disease or trait only if they inherit one allele from their mother and one from their father. There are usually no issues if a pup has just one of them.

Before seeing what happens with inbreeding, we need to add one more wrinkle to all of this. In reality what happens is that there is mixing between like chromosomes in a pair before they are passed on. This recombination can only happen between mom’s X’s…dad’s X and Y are too different to swap DNA.

This is why your question about the X chromosome doesn’t really apply to male pups. Males have an X and a Y chromosome which are very different from one another. The X chromosome is large and contains many genes while the Y is small, with just a few genes that can turn a mammal into a male. Closely related parents will not affect the X for male pups (although the other 38 chromosomes are still an issue).

Of course what this also means is that males are always at a higher risk for these X-linked diseases (or diseases that are caused by genes on the X chromosome). This is why men are more likely to have hemophilia or be colorblind — these are X-linked traits. This is why male dogs are more likely to have hemophilia too.

Can dogs mate with their parents?

They often view their family members as they do any other dogs, and they readily breed with their kin as a result. … This doesn’t apply only to father and daughter dogs. When boy dogs reach sexual maturity, they frequently mate with their siblings. They also may do the same with their mothers.

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