Can FURminator hurt my dog? Essential Tips

Will The Furminator Ruin Your Dog’s Coat?

Can FURminator hurt my dog?

Yes, it may damage your dog’s coat.

Some pet owners we talked to experienced this, while others did not.

Cassandra, who has a German Shepherd named Wolfie, says that she thinks part of her dog’s coat is damaged, but she’s not 100% certain on that.

Laura, also the owner of a German Shepherd, has never noticed any damage to her dog from the furminator.

Based on our talks with pet owners, overuse is a contributing factor to the damage.

If you use the furminator too often, then you run the risk of damaging your dog’s coat.

Dog owners agree that it’s a great tool when the dog is full grown has both its coats in.

But it it not a good idea to use it on a young dog or puppy, because it could break the coat.

You can also damage the dog’s coat if you use the furminator on a wet or damp coat.

Ditto for a brittle or dry coat.

Will Furminator Deshedding Tools Ruin Your Dog’s Coat?

Possibly. If they are not used with caution, they may potentially cause harm to your dog’s coat, especially if you use a deshedding tool on your dog too frequently or too aggressively.

Dog owners all agree that they are fantastic tools when a dog is fullgrown and has both of its coats fully in. However, using it on a young dog or puppy is not recommended since it has the potential to damage their coat while they are still developing.

Furminator deshedding tools can cause harm to a dog’s coat if they are used incorrectly. They can cause the dog’s skin to become inflamed to the point of bleeding. The deshedding tools produced by Furminator are stripping instruments that remove extra fur by cutting it with a blade. They work best when combed through your dog’s coat with a gentle touch. However, most of the time, these tools do not cause damage to coats.

Here are some of the things you need to be cautious about while using a Furminator deshedding tool on your dog:

  • Brush in the same direction as their fur.
  • Avoid digging into the coat too deeply. The blades can cause significant pain and injury to the flesh below.
  • Do not use deshedding tools on wet skin nor wet coats.
  • Do not apply too much pressure.
  • Furminator deshedders are effective because they penetrate the undercoat of a dog’s coat, which is the portion of the coat that sheds heavily throughout the summer months.

    Does the FURminator treatment at Petsmart work?

    FURminator helps reduce dog shedding up to 90% which means significantly less hair to clean around your home. Pet coats are less likely to have matting or debris which can harbor skin irritations, insects or parasites. deShedding helps keep the skin clean, promotes healthy fur regrowth and regulates body temperature.

    Does the Furminator Work on German Shepherd Dogs?

    The FURminator is a brush tool made of plastic and metal made to pull loose fur out of your dog’s coat. FURminators come in various sizes for different sized dogs as well as different fur types. The tines of the FURminator are like those of a short comb or brush, but the interior tines have sharp edges to pull out the unwanted excess fur. The FURminator is a perfect tool for year-round use, but especially for the times of year your dog sheds the most. In between the seasonal changes where your dog may be blowing his coat, the FURminator will likely get more fur loose and off of your dog before he drops it all over your house.

    If your dog loves to be brushed, he will love this tool just as much as any other tool, if not more. If hes apprehensive about being brushed with the FURminator, give him some treats and some extra love while you groom him. He will get used to it.

    The Furminator is a great tool to help with shedding dogs. Be sure you get the right size and style for your dogs type and size. Terminate shedding issues by brushing your dog with a fabulous FURminator.

    I’ve been using furminator about the last week and my dog is itching now. Could it be like razor burn from furminator and be itching her?

    Thank you for the question. Starr is a real beauty! I have not used the FURminator before but I agree with you that it is irritating Starrs skin. I would discontinue using it. After she heals, you could try it again (I would give it several weeks) and if she starts itching again, then you will know that it is the FURminator. If you stop using it now and she is still itchy after a few days, consult the vet in case there is something else going on. Good luck!

    I suffer from mild asthma and could not give up my love for dogs, horses, cats. Now I just have dogs, 1 GS and 1 Labrador. At first I looked at the price and said no no. So I discussed with my partner and went we purchaced it. The GS as you know constantly sheds and the office and home was thick with GS hair and now it has reduced by 75% because I use the Furminator. I love it and now both my dogs love it. At first it was what the heck and not happy. I started then to be gentle and now months later the dogs cant wait to be brushed.