Can I bring my dog into Lowes? Here’s What to Expect

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You’ll find many photos of dogs in Lowe’s stores on social media using the hashtag #DogsofLowes. In fact, Lowe’s even shares photos of dogs in their stores!

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Service animals and pets are allowed in all US Lowe’s stores. In Canada, only service animals are permitted.

According to their official handbook, being pet-friendly allows Lowe’s to reinforce their commitment to customer experience. However, while this is the official policy, it may not always be consistently followed, depending on management or local rules. We always recommend ringing up your local store before making the trip so you don’t run into any issues!

Can I bring my dog into Lowes?

Fido may be allowed into Lowe’s to help you brainstorm all your future projects, but there are a few rules (and common courtesy!) to follow to make sure that everyone is having a pleasant time.

Part of Lowe’s policy includes that owners or handlers must have full control of their pets at all times. While it says that heeling or walking calmly besides the handler is allowed, we always err on the side of caution and say leash your pet! You never know what surprises are in store that could startle your pup or require additional control.

Pssst…our exclusive Patio Leash is a little shorter to keep pup by your side, and clips to the table if you’re going for brewskis after your big shopping trip.

While it may be just you and Fido working on the home improvement project, you’re not the only two who are shopping in the store. We expect you to be able to control your excitement over new low-flush toilet technology, but Lowe’s expects him to be non-disruptive as well.

Some of the examples that Lowe’s provides of disruptive behavior are aggression toward animals or people, jumping on people or surroundings, barking, growling, etc. So if Fido is in the mood to do that today, maybe let’s skip the Lowe’s trip?

Clean Up After Your Pup

You’d think this one is common knowledge, but if your pup has an accident, clean up after them! If you need additional supplies, ask a Lowe’s associate. But as a better solution, avoid the situation altogether by giving your dog a potty break before heading inside. Woof to the wise: never forget your poop bags. They make extra trendy carriers these days.

Does Lowes Allow Dogs

Whether you have a young puppy or an adult dog set in its ways, socialization and human interaction are always a plus! Canines do best when they’re exposed to all kinds of different people and environments. It’s the key to raising a well-rounded and friendly canine companion.

All that said, finding a suitable place to bring your dog isn’t easy! Dogs of any breed can become a real liability. You’ve likely read horror stories about dog attacks in public places. Thanks to those situations, corporations, and their insurance companies are starting to take a good hard look at pet policies.

On paper, Lowes is the perfect place to bring your dog. The aisles are massive, and there’s plenty of extra space to navigate without making your pup feel cramped. Plus, the floors are all concrete, making it easy to clean up any accidents.

You might have seen several dogs on your last trip to Lowes. Many dog owners assume that it’s alright to do, turning the store into somewhat of a canine haven in some areas.

But does Lowes have an official policy on the matter? Or are you only seeing over-zealous dog owners who ignore the rules?

It turns out that Lowes has a pretty murky stance on allowing dogs inside their stores.