Can I feed my 3 week old puppies puppy food? Let’s Explore

Well, it’s a combination of dry dog food and liquid. We suggest letting the liquid soak into the kibble, then, mash it with a spoon to get the ideal consistency – our bamboo sporks do just the trick.

If your puppy seems to be struggling with the transition from liquid to dry food, we advise slowing down the weaning process. No puppy is the same, so don’t worry if yours is taking a little longer than expected.

There’s nothing quite like the early days of puppyhood. It’s the start of your journey together – a special friendship that lasts a lifetime. At the start, you teach them new tricks, watch their confidence grow and spend countless hours cuddling up to them on the sofa. These moments make the sleepless nights worth it.

The amount of water to dry food ratio changes week-to-week. But we’ve outlined the exact measurements you need for the 4-week weaning stage. And if that’s not enough, we’ve included our very own Beco feeding guide, for puppies of all shapes and sizes.

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Here’s what you need to know about feeding newborn pups

Whenever possible, newborn puppies should eat their mother’s nutrient-rich milk, which helps protect them from illness while their immune systems develop. It’s the perfect food! However, sometimes circumstances prevent this. Maybe mom doesn’t produce enough milk, or the milk is infected. In these scenarios, pet parents have to step in to help feed the babies. Orphaned puppies need round-the-clock feedings from human surrogate moms. It’s important to follow a newborn puppy feeding chart to ensure your pups are getting adequate nutrition. Contents

How often do newborn puppies eat?

Newborn puppies typically nurse from their mom about every two hours. As they grow older, the time between nursing increases, and by four or five weeks, mom starts weaning her puppies. You’ll have to step in to make up the difference and start introducing some puppy chow. They typically transition to all solid food at around eight weeks of age.

How to Make Puppy Mush Food for 3 Week Old Puppies