Can I give egg to my dog in summer? Essential Tips

Can I Feed My Dog Raw Eggs?

No. We do not recommend feeding raw or undercooked eggs to your dog. The safest way to serve eggs to dogs is to ensure they are always cooked. Stick with boiled, scrambled or fried eggs.

Just like humans, dogs share the same potential risks in contracting Salmonella if consuming raw or undercooked foods.

How To Feed Eggs To Your Dog

Eggs should be always be cooked before given to your dog. Cook or boil the eggs plain without oil, butter, salt, or any other additives.

We suggest making scrambled eggs, as its much easier for your dog to digest and can provide quick access to the protein dogs need for maintaining lean muscle and energy. But again, keep them plain.

Eggs are not only a perfectly safe food source for dogs – they offer much in the way of nutritional benefits. Aside from being rich in protein, eggs are also a great source of linoleic acid, Vitamin B2 and B12 and water-soluble Vitamin A – all of which are wonderful for your dog’s skin and coat.

Do dogs eat less in summer?

Many pet parents find that their dogs eat much less in summer. This should not be a cause for concern – as long as your dog is still eating and isn’t showing any signs of illness. If your dog stops eating completely, take them to the vet asap.

That said, it’s natural for a dog’s appetite to decrease in hot summer months. First of all, high temperatures tend to make your dog less active – they may feel like lying around to stay cool and avoid heat exhaustion. So they will need less calories, since they’re using less energy. Also, it’s easier to stay warm in summer than winter, so this is another reason why your dog needs less calories. Plus, sometimes they may just feel too hot to be interested in their food.

Can I give egg to my dog in summer?

Luckily, you can tempt your dog to eat with these tasty summer foods for dogs.

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