Can I give my 12 week old puppy a bone? Find Out Here

When Should I Start Giving My Puppy a Bone?

At around 12 weeks, your pup begins to lose his deciduous teeth and grow permanent ones. Your doggo should have his entire permanent set ready by 6 months of age.

During this time, youll be doing both your buddy and yourself a favor by giving him something to chew on.

As they start teething, puppies will chew on everything and anyone, which is completely normal.

No one can blame those poor babies, as they experience severe discomfort in their gums while teething, and the discomfort is somewhat alleviated by chewing.

Besides, puppies explore their surroundings by feeling them, which they do by grabbing things with their mouths.

Bones can make a good chewing toy, but they arent the best, as well see in a moment. If you do give your pup bones, just make sure theyre about the size of their head and that theyre raw.

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Bones For Puppies 8 Weeks Old – Is It Safe

Can I give my 12 week old puppy a bone?

Ideally, puppies are weaned from their mother’s milk by six to eight weeks of age. At that age, they start chewing on their own and reduce the amount of milk they receive from their mother.

It’s important to feed them good, balanced commercial puppy food with proper nutrition. Your vet can recommend good food for your puppy and also provide you with safe chewy treats.

If you want to know more about giving bones to 8 weeks old puppies, continue reading this article.

At what age can I give my puppy a bone | DogVela

Dogs love to chew natural bones, But what about bones for puppies 8 weeks old? You need to consider the age of your dog when introducing them to real bones. When puppies reach 8 weeks of age, they can start eating normal puppy food.

If your puppy is 8 weeks old, you shouldn’t give them natural bones as it is not safe. Puppies at 8 weeks of age are too small to chew on bones as they can cause problems like vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach, choking, etc. So, you need to avoid giving them bones until they reach the right age. In the meantime, you can buy chew toys for them to keep them occupied.

If you do give your puppy rawhide chews, make sure that you replace them with chewy items such as a rubber toy. This type of chew toy is gentler on your puppy’s gums and teeth and can also double as a treat dispenser. Some toys are also textured to aid in the maintenance of your dog’s teeth. Bones contain a lot of dangerous bacteria, so it is important to avoid feeding your puppy rawhide or chewy bones.