Can I give my dog canned pumpkin? Here’s What to Do Next

Can I Give My Dog Pumpkin Every Day?

Can I give my dog canned pumpkin?

Hall doesn’t recommend giving dogs canned pumpkin on a daily basis. While healthy dogs can eat canned pumpkin occasionally without safety concerns, he says canned pumpkin for dogs should only be served as a special treat or as relief for an upset stomach.

“Dogs should be fine with regular dog food and generally do not need any supplementation with a nutritionally balanced commercial diet,” says Hall.

And dogs with particularly sensitive stomachs might need to avoid canned pumpkin entirely if it causes excessive gas or diarrhea. “Check with your vet before giving [canned pumpkin] to diabetic dogs, as it could alter blood glucose control if you feed it to your dog regularly,” Hall says.

Given appropriately, canned pumpkin may help ease the symptoms of upset stomach in dogs. The fiber in pumpkin will pull moisture from your pup’s body and can help stool soften and pass, says Dr. Evelyn Kass, a veterinarian in Phoenix and founder of Pet Nutrition Doctor. Fiber can also help to support a healthy microbiome in your dog’s gut.

And when it comes to using canned pumpkin for dog constipation, Kass warns that if your dog is constipated because of dehydration, it’s important to rehydrate before giving the pumpkin. “Hydration is always the first therapy for constipation,” she says.

How Much Pumpkin Should I Give My Dog?

Add one to four pumpkin tablespoons per meal to your dog’s diet. Always start with small quantities to avoid adding too much fiber. If you have doubts about the amount of pumpkin to add to your dogs diet, always consult your veterinarian.

Carved Pumpkins Are a No-Go

Don’t recycle an old Jack O’Lantern as a snack for your dog! Carved pumpkins, especially ones that have been sitting outside for a while, can breed mold and bacteria, which can make your beloved pet pretty sick (and that’s scary).

Pumpkin for dogs?! What you need to know

If you’re here you’re probably wondering, “Can dogs eat pumpkin?” Pumpkin is generally a healthy treat for humans, but is pumpkin safe for dogs? The short answer is yes. You can give your dog a pumpkin without worrying.

Although pumpkin is a healthy treat, you should be careful with how much and what type of pumpkin you serve your dog. Too much of this treat is not a good idea. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of pumpkin and how to avoid overfeeding your dog.