Can I give my pitbull raw ground beef? Find Out Here

A Balanced Diet is Important for Your Dog.

Can I give my pitbull raw ground beef?

Of course, its best to make sure your dog’s diet is complete and balanced with the help of your veterinarian or canine nutritionist. Cooked ground beef also contains many vitamins and minerals, including B6, B12, B3, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and potassium. There are five different types of ground beef based on their fat percentage – we will talk more about fatty acids and fat percentages below. Remember that the nutritional value for 100g of ground beef at different fat percentages will alter the nutritional value.

Is Raw Beef Right For Your Dog?

Absolutely, dogs have forgiving digestive systems. With higher acidity in their stomachs and shorter intestinal tracts, they can eat raw meat that may harbor salmonella or listeria spores with no problem– and before you panic, some pathogens are completely normal. Remember, we’re talking real, whole, fresh food.

Can I give my pitbull raw ground beef?

We hoomans have more sensitive digestive systems that allow those bacteria to wreak havoc for us, which is why we’re hyper-aware of naturally occurring pathogens in our food.

Any dog who is immunocompromised should avoid raw meats. With a weakened immune system, their body isn’t functioning at 100%, making them more vulnerable to pathogen loads. To not deprive these pups entirely, you could cook the beef lightly or opt for a freeze-dried option.

Is Raw Meat Good For Dogs?

Yes! Raw meat is what your dog’s body is built to eat. Raw meat is easy for him to digest … and a raw-meat based diet can provide him with all the nutrients he needs to thrive. It’s what he would eat if he was living in the wild, hunting for his own food. He might eat some berries and grasses as well, but raw meat would be his first choice if he could find it.

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