Can I put salt in my dogs water? Essential Tips

IntroductionSusan’s allergic, itchy dog, decided to take a swim in the ocean during their beach side vacation. Afterward, there was nowhere to rinse off the dog, and Susan was worried that her wet pet would have even itchier allergic skin than before, once she got back to dry land, and civilization. Much to her surprise, her pooch was remarkably

Table salt, sea salt, Epsom salts or good old-fashioned ocean water can relieve itchy dog skin. However, they can also lead to dry skin so you will have to find the right balance to treat your dogs skin. More good news: salt baths have been reported to kill fleas by dehydrating the pesky critters. Although they may not completely resolve your dogs flea problem, a salt bath can be part of a treatment regime to combat fleas on your dog.

If you have a water-loving dog, a bath with salt water is really just a bath–no difference to your dog. Unless, of course, over bathing in salt water dries out his skin and makes him itchy, which is just what you are trying to avoid. Used carefully, salt water bathing can relieve itchy skin from allergies and even counteract parasites such as fleas, which will make your dog happy, happy. And if your pet is a good swimmer, a swim in the ocean is just as good as a swim in the lake, it’s just bigger and with more great stuff to explore!

The Salt Water Bath at Home Method

Towel Step 1 Use Epsom salts Add Epsom salts to bath water. A ratio of 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts to 6 cups of warm water is typical. Step 2 Use sea salt An alternative is to use cool water with sea salt, as cool water counteracts inflammation and best mimics ocean water. Step 3 Protect ears and eyes Put cotton balls in your dog ears and cover eyes with your hand or use doggy goggles to protect your pets eyes during bathing. Step 4 Immerse Immerse your dog in the salted bath water and pour water over your dog’s head, especially if being used to kill fleas to ensure all areas are soaked in salt water. Do not let your dog drink water with Epsom salts. Detergents and soaps can be used as necessary. Step 5 Rinse sparingly Rinse off sparingly, as some salt residue left will treat itchy skin and desiccate parasites, or rinse with salt water. Be careful not to allow your dog to lick off Epsom salt residue, which can act as a laxative.

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