Can I sue for dog poop? Simple and Effective Tips

Can I throw my neighbor’s dog poop back in their yard?

As long as all the above is true, then yes; it’s illegal for your neighbor to throw dog poop into your yard. I would set up a motion-detecting camera to catch your neighbor in the act, and file a complaint with the police each time, with an offer to provide the video evidence of the crime.

Send a Dog Poop Letter to Residents

putting letter to mailbox | hoa dog rulesIf you know which residents are responsible for uncollected dog poop, HOA management can send them a formal letter. A gentle reminder for their first offense can encourage them to adjust their behavior. However, if you’re dealing with serial offenders, you might want to include possible consequences, such as fines, for their non-compliance.

Establish an HOA Pet Policy

man walking with pet dog | hoa pet policyRegulating the ownership of pets can be difficult. A lot of people consider their pets as part of the family, so having restrictions can evoke strong responses from your homeowners.

However, given the dangers of uncollected dog poop, you need to establish clear and simple guidelines in your HOA pet policy. Outline the responsibilities of pet owners, including the proper disposal of dog poop, and indicate fines and consequences that will result from their non-compliance.

Most associations already have a pet policy in their bylaws. If you have no clear-cut provisions yet, the board can meet and propose HOA dog rules for the community. The HOA must also outline appropriate measures to take to deal with problems such as uncollected dog poop.

Not all homeowners are aware of your HOA pet policy. Addressing the issue publicly helps educate these residents about the rules and regulations surrounding proper pet clean-up. You can inform them about the importance of cleaning up after their pets and the reasons for doing so.

You can make an announcement during a board meeting, publish an official statement in your newsletter, or launch a community forum. The important part is that you’re able to bring awareness to the issue.

No smell, no rust, dog poop trash bin!