Can I use alcohol wipes on my dogs paws? Here’s What to Do Next

Hand sanitizer has become a staple when leaving home these days, right alongside your wallet and keys because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In fact, people are using so much hand sanitizer, it has gotten to the point where the product—and especially how we are using the product—is doing more harm than good. The FDA released a warning about the use of dangerous alcohol-based hand sanitizers and has compiled a list of over 100 different products consumers should not use. While these alcohol-based hand sanitizers are harmful to humans, they can be even more harmful to our pets, including dogs. While there isn’t any evidence that dogs can pass COVID-19 to people and the virus cannot last long on a pup’s fur, pet owners are still using sanitizer on their dog’s paws which can unknowingly lead to major health problems—or even death. Don’t miss these other common mistakes every dog owner makes. [rd-video id=”1539368″ type_of_player=”jw” /]

Why You Should Care About Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is rapidly absorbed through your dog’s skin. It has several negative effects.

  • Skin irritation and excessive dryness.
  • Delays healing of skin tissue.
  • Removes the skin’s naturally occurring moisture barrier.
  • Can cause respiratory tract irritation when inhaled.
  • Is a neurotoxin (harming the nervous system).
  • Contains petroleum-based propene, which makes it unfit to drink … and twice as toxic as ethanol.
  • The liver oxidizes isopropyl alcohol into acetone. With prolonged exposure this process can damage the kidneys.
  • Isopropyl alcohol goes by a few other names. So … look out for these names when you shop for dog products.

    Using Rubbing Alcohol on Dogs – Is it Safe?

    With so many alternative products on the market, just skip rubbing alcohol altogether when it comes to your dog.

    They are also found in human lotions, shaving creams, sanitizers (such as a hand santizer), colognes, etc. If your dog is licking these off of you – they are ingesting the alcohol. Even worse, would be if your dog ingested an entire container of one of these products.

    My Dog’s Paws SMELL BAD (Why and What to Do)

    Isopropyl alcohol is a surprisingly common ingredient in pet products. But can you use isopropyl alcohol on dogs?

    I was shocked to see a question on Google that asked, “Can you put rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) on a dog to make him stop licking?” Then I read about a woman who uses isopropyl alcohol to mix the edible frosting colors for a dog birthday cake.

    So I did some poking around in the dog product industry. And I suddenly realized that many people think isopropyl alcohol is okay.