Can I Use Dettol Soap To Bathe My Dog

It would be best if you never used any of the Dettol products range on your dog. The active ingredient is Chloroxylenol and is poisonous to dogs if ingested or comes into contact with your dog’s skin or coat. It’s hazardous to your dog’s health. You should not apply Dettol to any part of your dog.

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“Panadol is exceptionally toxic to cats, because they cant metabolise it.” ​While people generally dont administer Dettol in oral form to their pets (thank goodness), Melrose says that animals are inclined to lick Dettol off skin, resulting in the toxic substance being ingested.

Antiseptics such as Savlon, Dettol and similar products should never be used! They are far too harsh, he said.

Similarly, dogs should never be given human medications such as paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen, anti-depressants or sedatives unless under specific veterinary advice.

If in doubt, dont do anything at all.

Dettol liquid is a proven safe and effective concentrated antiseptic disinfectant, that kills bacteria and provides expert protection agaisnt the germs which can cause infection and illness.

Can i bathe my dog with dettol soap?

Do Not Use Human or Dish Soap.

In regards to the human shampoo thing, it wont kill them if you have to – in a pinch – bathe your dog with your own human shampoo.

The reason you shouldnt Do it regularly (and if possible never) is that it is bad for your dogs skin and hair.

Can you use Dettol wipes on dogs?

For hard plastic or rubber toys, you can use Dettol’s Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes. Wipe down the toys, rinse them thoroughly and dry them before letting your pet play with them again.