Can I use human cortisone cream on my dog? Get Your Pet Thinking

Remedy & Recovery Hydrocortisone Lotion for Dogs (0.5%)

When applied directly to the skin after a soothing bath or gentle rinsing of the inflamed area, the Remedy & Recovery, low-dose hydrocortisone cream for dogs, helps reduce redness and inflammation, hydrates the skin, and eases irritation in dogs.

Due to its lower dosage of hydrocortisone itself, this may be an ideal addition to a monthly dog grooming routine.

Vet Approved Hydrocortisone Cream for Dogs

While you can use hydrocortisone products designed for people technically on dogs, we currently have no studies to know the proper and safe dosage for dogs.

However, Food and Drug Administration does have some recommendations for hydrocortisone spray uses.

The FDA approves Dog-friendly hydrocortisone products. They are safe to use, especially when treating a rudimentary skin issue like a tiny rash without the need for guidance from a veterinarian.

Note: You should only do this if the inflamed skin is not paired with additional symptoms.

Below are a few well-known brands and products available over-the-counter for pet owners to consider if you are looking to try hydrocortisone for your dogs skin problem.

What is Hydrocortisone Cream for Dogs?

Hydrocortisone will often contain high concentrations of corticosteroids (8).

Corticosteroids are a type of hormone steroid, and studies showed their topical use to be effective at treating irritating, itchy, inflamed, and dry skin in dogs.

Corticosteroids came in two forms: hormones that can be naturally found in a dogs body (mineralocorticoids). They manufactured synthetic products common in veterinary medicines (glucocorticoids), such as discussed hydrocortisone cream for dogs.

Hydrocortisone products made for people are not recommended for dogs.

Theres a difference between your hydrocortisone topical and dog-friendly hydrocortisone cream.

Human-grade hydrocortisone is not FDA-approved for animals and is not vet recommended to treat dog skin problems.

While hydrocortisone creams in your medicine cabinet could, in fact, treat an itchy area, rash, or hot spot on your dog’s skin, if the dog were to lick that cream, adverse side effects could occur like weakened bladder, diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration (9, 10).

Luckily for you and your pet, there are multiple hydrocortisone creams for dogs, as well as hydrocortisone lotions, sprays, oral medications, and even medicated shampoos containing hydrocortisone specifically designed for a canine patient.

They are often used (and, sadly, misused) in veterinary dermatology.

However, when following safety instructions, they are extremely effective for treating several skin issues in dogs.

Is hydrocortisone cream safe for dogs?