Can I use human hydrocortisone spray on my dog? A Complete Guide

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Itch Relief Spray for Dogs

Another trendy hydrocortisone spray for dogs is made by a well-known brand, Veterinary Formula Clinical Care.

This is a dye-free anti-inflammatory spray meant to be used for minor skin ailments in dogs and most commonly used by dog owners for itch relief and hot spots.

You can also use it to heal wounds on dogs, reduce swelling and redness, and insect bites. For hot spots, dermatitis, and similar skin problems, its recommended to use this alongside their antiseptic shampoo and itch supplements.

Vet Approved Hydrocortisone Cream for Dogs

While you can use hydrocortisone products designed for people technically on dogs, we currently have no studies to know the proper and safe dosage for dogs.

However, Food and Drug Administration does have some recommendations for hydrocortisone spray uses.

The FDA approves Dog-friendly hydrocortisone products. They are safe to use, especially when treating a rudimentary skin issue like a tiny rash without the need for guidance from a veterinarian.

Note: You should only do this if the inflamed skin is not paired with additional symptoms.

Below are a few well-known brands and products available over-the-counter for pet owners to consider if you are looking to try hydrocortisone for your dogs skin problem.

When Can You Use Hydrocortisone Cream on Dogs?

So when can you use hydrocortisone cream on your dog’s skin? Hydrocortisone cream is only a suitable option for dogs with minor skin irritation, as well as those dealing with an acute form of skin irritation. To make sure you have a clear understanding of when it is safe to use hydrocortisone cream on your dog’s skin, let’s list a few examples of safe use below.

Hydrocortisone cream can be used in dogs for the following skin irritations:

  • Bug bites such as ant bites, mosquito bites, bee stings, and any other critters with an irritating bite or sting
  • Minor rashes such as heat rash, poison ivy, poison oak, and other irritating plants
  • Minor hot spots that are not showing signs of an active infection such as swelling, odor, or severe pain
  • Skin irritation from allergies, as long as you are not applying it on any open wounds
  • While we still always suggest giving your vet a call and getting their approval first, it is typically safe to use hydrocortisone cream for your dog in the above situations. Just make sure you are only applying it twice a day at most. If your dog is still experiencing irritation between doses, it may be time to reach out to your vet for a prescription strength option.

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