Can I use human nail clippers on my dog? Here’s What to Do Next

Can You Clip Puppy Nails With Human Clippers?

If you have a pup less than six weeks old, it is possible for you to simply use your nail clippers to get the job done. Puppies have thinner nails that can be cut using human nail clippers. In fact, since human nail clippers are shorter than dog nail clippers, you may get a better grip since the pup’s paws are not fully grown yet.

If you have a smaller breed, you may still get away with using regular nail clippers even after six weeks. However, for most larger breeds the nails become too thick to fit into a human nail clipper. In other words, yes you can use human nail clippers on dogs but not all the time. There are certain cases where you will not be able to do so at all and may end up doing more damage.

When Should You Avoid Using Human Nail Clippers?

If the nail is not fitting cleanly into the nail clippers, it is absolutely not advisable to use force beyond that. It is important to see what the size of the nails are and then accordingly decide if human nail clippers are a good idea or not. The whole nail should fit easily in the clipper slot. If you have to trim the nail to be able to fit the center of the nail into the slot, it is too big for a human nail clipper.

If your dog is older, the nails are likely to be longer and thicker. Even if you can trim the tips of your dog’s nails with a human nail clipper, the closer the nail gets to the paw, the thicker it is likely to be. So even if you cut the tips you will not have cut enough of the sharp nails off for the trim to even be effective.

When to Trim

Nails at their longest should just clear the ground when the puppy stands in place. If you hear “clicking” over the linoleum like a tap-dancer, the nails need a trim. Your groomer or veterinarian can trim your dog’s nails at routine visits, but it’s easy enough to do yourself.

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Essential dog grooming includes clipping the nails, and it should start when your dog is a puppy. Active dogs that run outside naturally wear the nails to a manageable length, and may not need frequent trimming. But those that spend much of their time inside require monthly or more frequent nail attention. The toenails of some breeds, like the Chihuahua, seem to grow quickly. Don’t wait until your dog gets big and turns nail trims into wrestling matches. Teach puppies while small that nail trims are a normal part of life and nothing to fear.