Can I walk my dog in the snow? Surprising Answer

What can I do to protect my dog on a walk?

Walking your dog in snowy conditions is fine to do but you should be more wary than usual when taking them out.

The snowy surfaces make it far easier for dogs to get lost or disorientated, so keep them on a lead.

Wear the correct footwear yourself as well – it could be equally as slippery for you, so make sure you are properly dressed to avoid taking a tumble.

Remember to take it slowly and don’t forget to “walk like a penguin”.

Always keep an eye on your pet, if you see them struggling in the cold weather, head home as soon as possible.

Keep pups on a leash in the snow

While dogs love nothing more than to run around and frolic in the snow, there are a number of dangerous things to be mindful of. Besides slipping and falling, our excitable canines could unwittingly run into frozen lakes or pools of water and risk falling through the ice.

It’s always best to keep dogs on a leash while walking through snow, and keep to plowed sidewalks to avoid hidden dangers.

Can dogs walk in snow without shoes?

In the summer, you need to be careful that the hot pavement doesn’t burn your dog’s paws and cause serious damage. Although this isn’t a problem in the winter, it’s possible that the cold ground could leave their paws sore and at risk of accidents.

For instance, exposure to cold surfaces can cause your dog’s paws to become painful, and if snow and ice gets stuck in their paws, it can be even more uncomfortable and harder to remove.

Another potential danger to your dog’s paws is the salt. Used to defrost roads and pavements, salt is an effective solution, but if it gets stuck to a dog’s paws, it can cause an unpleasant stinging sensation. Not only that, but if your dog licks up this salt, it could damage their insides.

It can be difficult to tell whether or not your dog would benefit from using shoes. If they’re nipping into the garden to answer the call of nature or if you’re taking them for a brief walk and have already checked that the path you’ll be taking is clear, your dog may not need boots.

Tips for Safely Walking a Dog in Winter

Is it safe to walk your dog in the snow and ice? Heres what the experts say…

Winter is well and truly here, with temperatures dropping below freezing for a lot of us.

And while most dogs are more than happy to keep going for walks whatever the weather, many pet owners are now wondering how to keep their pooch’s safe in the snow.