Can I wash my dog’s bed in the washing machine? A Comprehensive Guide

Dogs Beds With Non-Removable Covers

Beds without removable covers will have to be washed by hand. Here are step-by-step washing instructions to doing this safely:

  • Vacuum your dog bed for any excess dirt or fur.
  • Fill up a large basin or bath with enough water to completely submerge your dog’s bed.
  • Soak the bed in warm water with a non-toxic detergent for 10-15 minutes.
  • Scrub with baking soda to remove any lingering odors, using a toothbrush to get into the corners.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Wring it out and leave it in a sunny place to dry.
  • Following these steps will give your dog’s bed a general cleaning, though some extra steps may need to be taken for pet beds with stains.

    Keeping Your Pet’s Bed Clean

    One of the easiest ways to make sure that your dog’s bed stays clean is by washing it regularly. According to PetMD, dog beds should be washed once a week or at a minimum of once every two weeks to maintain the optimum health and safety of your pet.1

    Here are some other things you can do to keep your dog’s bed clean between washes:

  • Vacuum your pet’s bed regularly.
  • Wash your dog’s paws when they come in from outside.
  • Buy a waterproof cover.
  • Place the bed in direct sunlight to kill off bacteria.
  • Wash the bed in a 1:1 mix of water and apple cider vinegar to prevent fleas.
  • If you follow these steps, you can help keep your pet’s bed clean and your home a safer place.

    Clean the Stains if Any

    It is crucial to remove all the stains before putting the bed in the washer. Once it becomes wet, the stains might become stubborn. You will be unable to remove them even after repeated washing.

    Apply a mild stain remover and leave it for 15 minutes. Make sure not to use bleach or any other strong detergent. That might damage your dog’s bed. Now dab the area with a clean cloth till the stain remover gets rinsed. That will make it easier to remove the stain while washing.

    Washing a DOG’S BEDDING and CLOTHES (Washing Machine & By Hand)

    Keeping your dogs’ beds washed is imperative for their hygiene and wellbeing. It’s very easy to forget or dismiss it. However, this can lead to problems for your pup and your home.

    Dogs are very adventurous by nature, and that leads to them being in various environments. Unfortunately, in these environments, they can quickly pick up bacteria, germs, and other particles in their fur.

    Over time these particles get trapped in their beds and can lead to many issues. These particles can also travel throughout the home with bacteria attached to them, becoming a danger even for owners.

    Ensuring your dog’s bed is cleaned regularly can help put an end to any of these issues. Thankfully, you can go about cleaning your dog’s bed in different ways.

    Each method gives the bed a close clean so that it can stay fresh while eliminating any potential germs and bacteria from the inside out.