Can I wrap my dogs ears? A Complete Guide

Healing Ears One Dog at a Time.

Pets’ ears are delicate and vascular. It can take weeks or longer to get an ear injury to heal because of the persistent ear flapping. This repetitive motion tends to reopen the injury by forcing blood down through the already compromised tissue. The No Flap Ear Wrap is designed with a sewn in skeletal system that encompasses a strong plastic spine, stopping the wrap from sliding back, keeping the ears in place. The cinch strap works together with the spines and skeletal framework, preventing the wrap from being pushed forward and pawed off, both important features that protect the ears during recovery. Browse our shop for more information on all our products, including the No Flap Ear Wrap, and to place an order.

An up-close-and-personal look at NFEWs finest features

  • Decreases Healing Time

    The comfort & security of NFEW allows for easy application of medicines and speeds recovery.

  • No Slip

    Durable spines inserted into the wrap work in conjunction with the cinch strap keeping the NFEW securely in place, holding up to even the most persistent pawers.

  • Adjustable Sizing

    4-points of adjustable sizing ensure a comfortable and secure fit for every size or breed of fur friends.

  • Skeletal Structure

    One of a kind unique skeletal structure built and sewn throughout the wrap to help maintain its shape

  • Check out our new video to see how NFEW really works.

    Dog Breeds With Cropped Ears

    There are numerous breeds of dogs that can sport cropped ears. Usually, these breeds have a standard look that is part of the breed’s history.

    One common reason given in support of the ability to have a dog’s ears cropped is to preserve traditional purebred standards.

    Can I wrap my dogs ears?

    Does my dog need a cone?

    Cones and collars are a great idea to stop your pet from scratching its wound and making it worse. If your dog causes the cut to bleed again, it’s at higher risk of inflammation and infection, meaning it will take much longer to heal.

    Learn how to wrap a Dog’s bleeding ear from Arden Moore’s Pet First Aid 4U class.