Can Milk Bones upset dogs stomach? Here’s the Answer

Diagnosis of Milk Bone Allergies in Dogs

It is difficult to diagnose any allergy, but especially food allergies because there are multiple ingredients in dog foods and treats. Figuring out the ingredient that your dog is allergic to is easiest to do by eliminating all treats and starting over with one at a time. It is best to use products with limited ingredients or new and unique proteins. The veterinarian may even prescribe a hydrolyzed diet, in which the proteins are broken down into smaller pieces that are absorbed easier and less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Your veterinarian will do an examination from head to tail and, if your dog is unwell, may run some basic tests such as a biochemistry panel, urine analysis and abdominal scan. If your dog has itchy skin, your vet may perform tests such as a skin swab and skin scrape.

Allergy tests can be performed, either by performing intradermal skin tests or blood tests. These tests are costly and false positives are common.

The problem of overfeeding can be compounded in dogs who are allergic to whatever theyre eating. Milk-Bones have milk as one of the main ingredients, along with an expansive list of others, such as flour, wheat and bone meal. If Fido is allergic to any of the ingredients in Milk-Bones, you may see no reaction from feeding one or two, but feeding him several may cause symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and itchy skin. If youre feeding way over the recommended amount, then allergies or not, diarrhea is a possibility.

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Too much of any type of food or treat can result in some gastrointestinal upset for your pup. His case of diarrhea when eating Milk-Bones may also stem from an allergic reaction. Or the little guy might be ill, and the Milk-Bones are a coincidence.

Allergies require a vet. Make an appointment, and lay off the Milk-Bones. If he continues having diarrhea or at any time experiences other symptoms, such as dehydration or vomiting, contact your vet. If his upset tummy stops, feed him the recommended amount or fewer Milk-Bones per day. If he continues having problems, you might be looking at a food allergy, so make a vet appointment.

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    Milk bone is dominating the pet food industry. These treats are namely the most popular food among dog food. They are easily available in every grocery’s pet food aisle. Plus dogs cannot resist the all-American classic brand. Thanks to Milk bone’s tasty treats, dogs have a fun time training and learning how to sit, lay, roll, shake hands, and other basic commands.

    Despite being such a successful and big brand company, many dog parents have doubts regarding milk bone’s dog treats. The question “is milk bone bad for dogs” is still bothering many dog parents regarding their pet dog’s health. If owners are not careful about what they are feeding their pets, it can result in an unhealthy pet.