Can my dog eat chicken tenders? A Complete Guide

So, I Can’t Give My Dogs Fried Chicken?

Of course, it’s not recommended. But if you are going to give your dog some fried chicken, or even pieces of chicken tenders, the best and first thing you need to do is remove the super-salty and seasoned skin, and then make sure that you take it off the bone. This way, they’re just getting the meat of the chicken. While it’s not as healthy when it’s fried, it is much healthier and safer for them to eat than it would be if it was on the bone and with all of the seasonings.

Fried Foods Are a No Go

In general, even the AKC tells people not to give their dogs fried foods because it can cause them to have higher cholesterol levels, and cause them to be overweight, or develop heart disease. Your dog isn’t supposed to eat fried foods (but then again, neither are we really). So while your dog may be okay, you may be shortening their lifespan if they eat too much of it.

Along with being high in fat, many people often put other ingredients that can cause toxicity in dogs. For example, seasonings like garlic and onion powder can be harmful to your dog’s blood. Garlic can be considered safe if it’s not consumed as regularly (and in smaller doses), but onions can harm them very badly – leading to toxicity and digestive issues.

Salt is also extremely harmful to dogs over time, because it can cause them to have higher cholesterol, lower water levels in the blood, and cause heart disease. When a dog eats enough fried foods, and begins gaining weight because of it, they can have a slew of other problems.

Seasoning can be toxic for dogs:

When chicken tenders are baked, cooked, or fried, the tenders are usually marinated in several spices.

This could include pepper, onion, garlic powder, and all the ingredients that can be toxic for a dog. This would cause mild to severe digestive issues depending on how much your dog has consumed the tenders.

Dog In Passenger Seat Excited For Chicken Tenders