Can my phone make a dog whistle? Let’s Explore

Do Dog Whistle Apps Hurt Dogs?

This question is important to know the answer to, so let’s dig in. According to Louisiana State University¹, dogs can hear between 67–45,000 hertz (Hz), which are ranges humans cannot hear. Humans can hear from 20–20,000 Hz¹. Typically, dogs’ ears are sensitive to 25,000 Hz and up, which can be irritating to your dog. So, if you’re going to use a whistle app, ensure it does not exceed that range.

Many whistle apps are around 200–28,000 Hz with customizable ranges. Now that you know what frequency becomes uncomfortable for dogs (25,000 Hz and up), you can set it not to exceed that range.

How Do Dog Whistles Work?

You’re likely somewhat familiar with dog whistles, but maybe you’ve never used one before and are wondering how they work. Dog whistles have been used for quite a while to help train dogs by emitting a sound that’s at a higher frequency than humans can hear. (For the most part—there are some audible dog whistles that make a sound you can hear as well.) Both people and dogs can hear low frequencies, such as 20Hz, but only dogs can hear frequencies between 70-100kHz. So, essentially your pup is capable of hearing frequencies that are three times higher than what humans can hear.

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

This is a simple whistle to make your dog training more fun and enjoyable. The full-featured app comes bundled with squeaker and clicker as well as 40+ animal sounds that help train your dog. With customizable frequency ranging from 100 hz to 35 kHz, this whistle app is loud enough to attract dog’s attention.

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker comes with several key features, including clicker with 5 different sounds, sound recorder that allows you to record dog’s favorite sound, and dark mode support. You can also take advantage of information on whistle training, clicker training, and obedience training. It also comes with widget for easier access to the whistle, squeaker, and clicker.

How to use the whistle and clicker? Simply set the whistle to a specific frequency and tap whistle icon to start. If you want to use the clicker, just choose how many clicks you want. The click sound signs that the dog is doing something good or correct. You can follow it with a little reward like treat or caress. Overall, iTrainer is a great app to support effective and easy dog training.

Sound Experiment – Dog Whistle

Do you ever wonder how to make a dog obey your instruction? Try dog whistle apps and you will be surprised at how it works well for the pet. The best dog whistle apps are specifically developed to help you communicate with dogs so they will be more obedient, or at least behave a little better.

Abundant dog whistle apps are available on Google Play and the App Store. Unfortunately, many of them are scams because they don’t even work. If you need some suggestions, you have come to the right place. You are about to find 9 trusted dog whistle apps that actually work!