Can puppies chew on dog bones? Essential Tips

How to Choose the Right Dog Bones for Puppies

You can see that there are plenty of dog bones for puppies for you to select from. If you’re still not sure which might be the best option for your puppy, we break down some important considerations to help you decide.

Do Puppies Need Dog Bones?

Yes, but not the traditional hard bones that you might be thinking of. This is because your puppy’s teeth aren’t fully developed yet and if you provide him with a hard bone, that stiff texture could damage his teeth. Puppies love to chew on things, especially when they’re teething. This phase is all part of your puppy’s development process and instead of having to replace your shoes or other important items, you can provide your puppy with a dog bone to gnaw on.

Teething typically occurs between 12 and 16 weeks and this is a critical period when your dog will be experiencing the most discomfort. Chewing is a way for puppies to relieve that discomfort and if they’re not provided with a suitable chew toy, they will find something else to relieve that pain. Around eight months, your puppy has typically developed his adult teeth. This means that for several months, your puppy will need plenty of appropriate items to chew on. Along with providing your puppy with dog bones, you can also puppy-proof your home and give him plenty of love and affection as he grows through the puppy phase.

Puppy Size

Some puppies are extra small while others may be of a large or extra-large breed and be larger than usual. Take your puppy’s size into consideration. One of the biggest mistakes that owners make when purchasing products online is failing to read all the fine print in the product description. Here, you find the measurements of the item because photos can be deceiving. Make sure you select a dog bone that is appropriately sized for your puppy.

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