Can puppies have normal dog treats? Here’s the Answer

So, Can Puppies Eat Dog Treats?

Again, short answer? Yes!

When used correctly, dog treats are a wonderful addition to your pup’s life! In fact, we think treats are a must-have incentive for good behavior and other training. After all, treats like our delicious Beef Infused Sweet ‘Tater Fries are pretty hard to resist. Break off a small piece and you’re sure to get your pup’s attention.

When raising a puppy, you’ll soon understand the power of a good dog treat. It rewards positive behavior and encourages new skills. A good treat really does go a long way. So what makes a treat good? How do you find the perfect treat for your little pup?

How Should You Use Treats With Puppies?

Even though you might be tempted to give your new puppy a delicious treat every five minutes (and with an adorable face like that, who could blame you?), it’s important to fight the urge to toss out treats just for being cute.

Remember that treats may contain artificial flavors or lack natural ingredients, and they’re adding calories to your pup’s overall diet, so you’ll want to be careful about abusing the treat powers! A chonky, overweight puppy is going to end up with health issues later in life1.

As hard as it might be with those puppy eyes, try your best to use treats only as a training tool for good behavior. Of course, we’re all probably going to cheat on occasion and slip them a treat when their cuteness is overwhelming, but make sure to keep it to a minimum.

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association suggests that treats not exceed over 10% of your pup’s daily calorie intake2. Giving them no more than one small treat per command will help keep their calories in check. Soon, your pup could have a catalog of tricks thanks to that tasty treat!

Can puppies have normal dog treats?

You’ll also want to use small, pea-sized training treats, or break larger treats into tinier pieces (shhh, don’t tell your pup you’re cheating!). Small treats will be easier for them to chew, as well as limit you from tossing too many calories into their bellies.

In a nutshell, dog treats can be great for your puppy when you use them with intention, primarily as training treats, and when you give them the right kind of treats. But what are the right kind of dog treats for puppies?

Are Dog Treats Good For Puppies?

Before we jump into which dog treats are safe for puppies, we need to know if it’s even a good idea to be using treats as rewards for puppies in the first place. The simple answer to that is yes, treats can be good for your puppy, and they’re your strongest tool for training your pup to grow into a well-behaved, well-adjusted dog—as long as you use them correctly. Time to stock up on those puppy training treats!

Can puppies have normal dog treats?

BEST DOG TREATS MONEY CAN BUY & SCARY ingredients most treats have!!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that your puppy gets excited when you take them for a walk. This is because they are rewarded with the smells of all the other dogs living nearby. But did you know there’s something else about these walks that makes them so much more enjoyable? Food!

Unlike humans, who mostly enjoy food at mealtime, dogs and puppies love natural treats throughout the day and will often get extra happy during walks if they find some tasty snacks along the way. So what do we feed our furry friends on these daily walks? The answer is simple, natural puppy treats.

With so many options to choose from, what are the best treats for puppies? Here you will find some amazing healthy and natural treats for puppies.