Can raid hurt dogs? Simple and Effective Tips

Pesticides Like Raid Can Be Harmful to Humans and Pets

Depending on the specific ingredients in a pesticide, it can be harmful to humans and pets. Raid uses ingredients like pyrethroids, cypermethrin, imiprothrin, and pyrethrin. Some are all-natural, while others are synthetic. The combination of all of them can very much be toxic. Essentially, what makes them so deadly to bugs can also make them poisonous to pets and people, especially babies. The two specific ingredients that are not safe are cypermethrin and imiprothrin.

What do you do if your dog licks bug spray?

Treatment of Insecticide Poisoning in Dogs

In cases where the insecticide was ingested, it will need to be flushed out of your dog’s stomach. In most cases, this can be accomplished by inducing vomiting and/or through emptying the bowels.

Raid Ant and Roach Killer spray is safe for use around children and pets when used as directed. Its effective, plant-based formula is made with essential oils, including lemongrass extract and pine tree derived geraniol. Raid Ant and Roach kills different types of ants, roaches, and other crawling and flying insects.

Diagnosis of Insecticide Poisoning in Dogs

A diagnosis for insecticide poisoning is typically made based on history and clinical findings. If you know or suspect that your dog has insecticide poisoning, bring a sample of the insecticide with you so that the veterinarian can prescribe the appropriate treatment. Let the veterinarian know what symptoms your dog has exhibited, as well as their duration and severity.

Treatment is usually provided before confirmation of the diagnosis, as insecticide poisoning can be quickly fatal. However, with certain insecticides, the diagnosis can be confirmed with laboratory testing of the blood or urine. If cholinesterase in the blood is less than 25 percent of normal levels, the veterinarian will confirm a positive case. If you are not sure that your dog has been in contact with an insecticide, and if clinical signs do not ease following treatment, insecticide poisoning may not be the cause of your dog’s symptoms.

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We all know the feeling… you see one ant, and then all of a sudden, they’re taking over your house.

The solution may seem simple-spray them, right? But what if you have pets? Is it safe to use around them?

Raid Ant Spray is not considered toxic to cats and dogs unless it is ingested. If ingested, Raid Ant Spray can lead to poisoning.

Raid Ant Spray is a great way to get rid of pesky bugs invading your home, but if used incorrectly, it could lead to your beloved pets ingesting it.

The rest of this article will explain why Raid is toxic to your pets, and how to prevent it!