Can unvaccinated puppies be around other unvaccinated puppies? A Step-by-Step Guide

What about the friendly dog next door?

It’s okay for you to let your puppy meet any fully vaccinated dog that you a) know well and b) doesn’t frequent dog parks or take part in off-leash activities. This is likely a low-risk play partner. Keep the playdate in your yard, or theirs, but not in public places that risk contamination from unknown dogs or animals that may be carriers of disease.

Choose a sunny play spot in the yard and keep your puppy in that area during play or bathroom visits.

Puppies that are all around the same age, and have received at least one of their puppy shots, is also okay, as long as you allow them to play in your own yard, or theirs.

The ground is lava for unvaccinated puppies

Many pet parents want their puppies to go outside for walks around the neighborhood, but until your puppy has completed their vaccination series, avoid it. Puppies don’t need as much exercise as adult dogs, (be prepared for your puppy to sleep a lot!) so there’s no actual need for long walks.

If you want to take your puppy into the community with you, puppy backpacks, strollers, or carriers are a good add-on to your new puppy shopping list, as they make for easy travel while protecting them from contagions. If those aren’t available, carrying your puppy in your arms works, too. Remember that bacteria, pests, and disease can lurk on the surface of parking lots, grass, dirt, and leaves.

Can puppies be around each other?

Puppies can be around other dogs once they’ve received their vaccinations. It is crucial for your pup to socialize with different dogs so they learn how to get along with others. Dogs who do not socialize as puppies sometimes have a tough time “speaking dog” due to fear or aggression problems.


Cats and dogs are very different animals. They have different needs, develop differently, and mostly suffer from different illnesses. However, some health conditions can transfer between the two species, and we must be vigilant about transmissible diseases which can occur between an unvaccinated puppy and a cat.