Can veterans get dog tags? Simple and Effective Tips

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Not only is Stolen Valor unethical and disrespecful to our service members and veterans, it IS illegal in most jurisdications to impersonate a member of the armed forces. Unlike Military ID Cards, dogtags are not a valid form of official military identification so it is not illegal per se to wear them. However lying about military service or trying to pass yourself of as a service member or vet by wearing a uniform or medals that were not earned is criminalized in some circumstances, especially if done with the goal of obtaining money or other kinds of tangible benefits. Under no circumstances should dog tags be worn with this intent.

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. — FOX43 is highlighting local veterans and their lives after service in honor of Veterans Day on Friday, Nov. 11.

Photojournalist Nick Vitto spoke with some of the veterans involved with a Cumberland County nonprofit about how the program has helped them.

“I was a pilot in the Air Force and retired; the VA recommended that a service dog would be very helpful for me,” Tom Kettler, a retired Air Force pilot, said.

The Dog T.A.G.S. program—which stands for train, assist, guide and serve—represents a new chapter for many of the veterans in the program.

“I used to have some pretty bad bouts of depression,” Tim Lehman, retried National Guard veteran, said. “I would just sit in my recliner and try to pretend the world wasnt there, and he would come over. And he just laid his head on the foot rest and looked at me as if he was saying, Checking in, you doing all right?”

Staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers, the program allows veterans to train their own dog to be a service animal.

“Dog T.A.G.S. was named by the veterans, the people that originally started it,” Tammy Ritter, a trainer with the nonprofit, said. “The program is for veterans that are service connected with PTSD and TBI. What we do is we let these individuals come and train hopefully their own dog if the dog is suitable, otherwise well help them get a dog. But they strictly do all the training.”

Each program has qualified trainers and at least one certified social worker on site to discuss veterans needs.

Some of the people in the program need their service animal to help with mobility issues such as getting out of a chair or picking up dropped keys. Others simply appreciate the emotional support their dogs give.

“Ive honestly noticed over the years of having Ollie its improved my life dramatically in a lot of ways, as far as allowing a degree of calmness to daily routines,” Kettler said.

“I cant explain just how good he makes me feel sometimes, and all he does is walk over and rub his head on my knee,” Lehman said.

Veterans interested in getting involved with the Dog T.A.G.S. program can contact them via their website.