Can you bring your dog into Starbucks? Essential Tips

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Can dogs join me in the outdoor dining area at Starbucks?

Yes, dogs are permitted in the outdoor patio areas at most Starbucks.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: always call first if you haven’t visited a particular location in a while. Local regulations can prohibit outdoor dining in some communities. We always recommending calling first; check the store locator for the phone number and address of your local Starbucks.

Here in Texas, the Health and Safety Code regulations for dogs in outdoor dining areas state:

(a) A food service establishment may permit a customer to be accompanied by a dog in an outdoor dining area if: (1) the establishment posts a sign in a conspicuous location in the area stating that dogs are permitted; (2) the customer and dog access the area directly from the exterior of the establishment; (3) the dog does not enter the interior of the establishment; (4) the customer keeps the dog on a leash and controls the dog; (5) the customer does not allow the dog on a seat, table, countertop, or similar surface; and (6) in the area, the establishment does not: (A) prepare food; or (B) permit open food other than food that is being served to a customer.

Starbucks meets all that criteria so we’re happy to say that every Starbucks we’ve visited in our home state has welcomed dogs on the patio.

Does Starbucks Dog Policy Vary By Location?

Yes, as mentioned, the pet policy at Starbucks can vary depending on the store location. However, dogs who are not service animals should not be taken into Starbucks supermarkets.

The national policy is that no pets are permitted inside any foodservice establishment. So it is unlawful to bring pets in public areas where sell food.

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Does Starbucks Allow Dogs? Short Answer: no, dogs are not allowed inside Starbucks stores unless they are service animals. However, dogs are welcome in outdoor seating areas and patios. Dogs that are working service animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), are allowed inside Starbucks stores.

Emotional support animals and pet dogs are not welcome inside the store, regardless of their behavior. Because of the rules of federal and local regulations such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), any foodservice establishment are not dog friendly.

No, Starbucks stores are not dog-friendly. Pets are not allowed inside the store. Some shoppers have reported that they have been able to bring their dog into an Starbucks store, although this is not the posted pet policy.

Starbucks employees may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, depending on the individual situation. If you are considering bringing your dog into an Starbucks store, it is best to call ahead and speak to a manager to see if they would be willing to make an exception in your case.

“Going into Starbucks at lunchtime yesterday for a sandwich & coffee we couldn’t believe it when a guy walked in with his dog ordered and sat down ,we were horrified that the staff didn’t say to him dogs are NOT allowed INSIDE as food is prepared in here.

Other customers also noticed this and were not happy understandable who wants to eat when dogs are sitting next to you who knows what they will bring into the restaurant?????

After looking up the policy on Starbucks website it says they are allowed OUTSIDE but NOT INSIDE

I think the staff should be more vigilant and to speak to customers to tell them dogs are not allowed inside and the reason why .”