Can you bury your dog anywhere? Simple and Effective Tips

How to bury your cat, dog, or other pet after they’ve passed

The death of a pet is always a hard time and can be difficult to manage. Making decisions about how to take care of your pet after they have passed away can put added stress on your and the pet’s family. That’s why we’ve created this article as a resource for you to use if you choose to bury your pet close to your home. Here are several things you should consider if you want to bury your pet at home.

Pet Burial Laws

There are no national laws regarding pet burial.

In most cases, however, if you have lost a beloved companion animal and want to bury your pet yourself at home or on your property, you will avoid any legal ramifications as long as you take certain precautions first.

The sale of pet caskets is a relatively new industry, and many states do not have laws about the disposal of pets. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that three to four million pets are euthanized each year in the US. In New York State, for example, animal protection laws only apply to commercial animal operations and shelters (not to individual pet owners). In California, there are no state laws requiring pet owners to dispose of their deceased companion animals in a humane manner. However, some local governments have developed ordinances that cover animal burials. For example, in San Francisco, CA., it is illegal to bury an animal within 100 feet of a public right-of-way or water source or within 500 feet of a residence without permission from the property owner.

Make sure you know if there are any legal restrictions on how to bury your pet before beginning the process.

Should You Bury Your Pet In A Plastic Bag?

It is best to bury your pet in some kind of biodegradable bag or box. Plastic can take years to fully decompose. Many pet coffins are made of wood or cardboard that will degrade much faster than plastic and are environmentally friendly.

How to Bury your Dog at Home – Is dog home burial legal and how to do it?

When a beloved dog passes away, it isn’t uncommon to want to bring their body home and bury them close to where they lived, a place that was a home throughout most of their life. Unfortunately, burying a dog is not that simple, especially in the US. Most importantly, its not even always legal. Lets take a look at how to bury a dog legally around where you live, and how to ensure that you are following local laws when doing so.

Knowing when to put down your dog and then planning for the burial of a dog is an emotional process, and unless your Fido passes unexpectedly, its best to make preparations before the time to say goodbye comes. Having a plan in place on how to bury a pet will make the process less overwhelming and will ensure that your dog gets the proper burial that he certainly deserves.

Needless to say, its absolutely devastating to lose a pet. As pet owners, we dont want to think about it, but its better stay realistic and be prepared well in advance. The first question Id like to ask you is this: have you thought about the legal limitations that may affect your pets burial? And what about the potential health hazards?

The process of burying a dog in itself is not complicated. But what many pet owners dont know is that in the US there may be laws prohibiting a burial of animals.

However, learning how to bury a dog isnt your only choice and you can explore other options after your dog passes away. Youll need to do a little bit of research so youre informed about the choices that youll have to make. Keep your budget in mind, and speak with your veterinarian about the different options before you make your choice.