Can you give a dog milk of magnesium? Get Your Pet Thinking

Is Milk of Magnesia Safe for Dogs?

Unflavored milk of magnesia is safe for dogs so long as you have your vet’s blessing and follow proper dosage instructions.

While most dogs tolerate milk of magnesia without issue, the laxative can interact with other medications, so you’ll want to give your vet a call before administration.

Note that there are different flavors of milk of magnesia intended for humans. Your dog should NOT have milk of magnesia with added flavor, as some of these formulations may contain xylitol and other harmful ingredients.

You can also find veterinary formulations of milk of magnesia, though these products have the same ingredients as the unflavored human versions of the product.

If your dog has an adverse reaction to milk of magnesia, you’ll need to discontinue use and set up an appointment with your veterinarian for further evaluation.

Can you give a dog milk of magnesium?

What Conditions Does Milk of Magnesia Treat in Dogs?

Can you give a dog milk of magnesium?

It’s always a good idea to see your vet if you notice your dog having regular bowel or stomach-related issues. That being said, Milk of magnesia can help soothe a number of digestive-related issues in the meantime including:

  • Tough stools
  • Digestive upset
  • Acid reflux
  • Constipation
  • Bleeding from anus
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Scooting
  • Discolored stool
  • Itching around anus
  • Excessive flatulence
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    Milk of Magnesia is a very useful laxative/antacid for quick relief of abdominal discomfort, indigestion and especially constipation.

    Magnesium hydroxide, the only active ingredient and a naturally-occurring mineral, is not harmful for animals when it is reasonably dosed.

    And you’ll be happy to know that Milk of Magnesia is equally effective for dogs. But please keep reading to learn more!

    Can I Give My Dog Milk of Magnesia?Here’s the deal:

    Dr Craig Prior – Household Remedies for Sick Pets

    Milk of Magnesia is for the relief of gastric reflux, acid indigestion (sour stomach), and mild constipation in horses and dogs.