Can you give a dog Sudafed? Surprising Answer

When your dog has a stuffy nose, it may clear up in 24 hours or so. If your dog continues to have a stuffy nose or any other clinical signs, you should see a veterinarian. Your veterinarian may recommend home remedies to clear your friend’s stuffy nose. Always consult with your vet before administering any home remedies.

It feels like you have been blowing your nose for hours and yet you still have a stuffy nose. As a human, you can use a nasal decongestant, but are nasal decongestants used for dogs? You should never give a nasal decongestant or any type of medication to your dog without first asking a vet. Dogs that take nasal decongestants can result in medical emergencies. There are dog friendly medications for stuffy noses.

A stuffy nose is not ideal for anyone. Furthermore, a stuffy nose is a swollen nose. For humans, nasal decongestants are a medication that reduces the swelling in your nose. Dogs use their nose for all types of reasons, and it is their most useful tool when exploring the world. Dogs can experience stuffy noses for a variety of reasons:

Treatment of Decongestant Poisoning in Dogs

If you know what your pet ingested contact the veterinarian immediately. If ingested within the last thirty minutes, your veterinarian may opt to have you encourage your dog to vomit to avoid any further absorption of any toxins before traveling to the office. If it is longer than that gastric lavage may be instigated. Supportive treatment will be given for any immediate concerns including IV fluids for dehydration and combinations of electrolytes and sugars to balance out imbalances. Blood pressure will need to be monitored closely and medications to temporarily reduce the blood pressure may be administered, as well as medications to moderated the heart rate and muscle relaxers or sedatives may be dispensed to control shaking and tremors. Oxygen may also be given to your pet as well if breathing is labored, and therapy will be given for hyperthermia that can be caused by extreme hyperactivity. Ammonium chlorate or ascorbic acid may help to enhance the body’s secretion of pseudoephedrine. Excessive shaking or tremors can cause muscle deterioration, so kidney function should be closely monitored as well.

Worried about the cost of Decongestant Poisoning treatment?

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Can I Give My Dog Sudafed?Sudafed may cause your dog to experience:

There are several other known complications linked to misuse of this nasal decongestant. Your dog could even die.

Is Sudafed Safe For Dogs?