Can you give a puppy a frozen banana? Here’s What to Expect

Can dogs eat frozen bananas?

Frozen bananas are perhaps the best treat for your dog!

But, don’t put a whole frozen banana straight from the freezer into your dog’s mouth. It can hurt its teeth!

A better option is to cut the frozen banana into smaller slices and serve it as a treat to your dog. The dog will love and enjoy every bit of it. This treat will also freshen up the dog on hot summer days and make it active.

Can dogs eat dried bananas?

Many new dog owners don’t want to feed dried-out food to their best friend.

But, are dried bananas safe for dogs?

Dried bananas, or banana chips, are safe for dogs to some extent. Still, it is better not to give dried bananas to your dog.

When you buy banana chips from the market, they have already been deep-fried and coated with sugar or honey. Both these ingredients are not safe for canines because:

  • They can also lead to dental problems.
  • Your dog will become hyper-active, which you will not like!
  • If you give homemade dried bananas to your dog as a treat, make sure you don’t add sugars to it. Also, a tiny serving is enough for your dog, as exceeding the limit can become dangerous for its health.

    How to Serve Bananas for Dogs

    As mentioned earlier, ask your veterinarian before feeding your dog or puppy any new foods. They can tell you the best serving size based on his age, size and more. To serve your dog a banana, peel it and cut it into an appropriate size and share the treat with them.

    If your dog doesn’t seem to like fresh bananas, try them frozen. “By freezing bananas—or another fruit or vegetable—youre creating a different texture and temperature experience for your dog. This new texture and temperature may entice your dog to consume the treat,” Carbo-Johnson explains.

    If you have a puppy and you’re tempted to let them try some banana, check with your veterinarian. Puppies need a specific diet for their growth and development. Added calories from bananas and other fruits could interfere.

    When you follow these recommendations, you can confidently provide your dog with special treats like bananas. If you have more questions about what fruits you can feed your dog, find out what our experts recommend on our Pet Expertise page.

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