Can you heat wet dog food in the microwave? Simple and Effective Tips

Why You Should Heat Up Your Dog’s Food

While companies say to serve your dog’s food at room temperature, there are a few benefits to heating your dog’s wet food. Typically warming up dog food increases the scent and the overall flavor of the food. Here are a few cases where you should consider heating your dog’s food before serving it to them:

  • If your dog is often cold, then you should consider heating their wet food. While some breeds have thick, double insulated coats, some also have thinner coats that are not enough to keep them warm. If you find yourself putting your shivering pup in a sweater during the colder months, warming up your dog’s food can help them raise their core temperatures.
  • If your dog is sick, chances are it might be refusing food. Warming up their wet food is a great way to incentivize your dog to eat. As we said earlier, the heat increases the scent and flavor of the canned food. Your dog might find the difference in scent and flavor to be enough to convince them to eat more.
  • If your dog is a picky eater, warming up the dog food may increase your dog’s interest in the food itself. Some dogs are just picky eaters and are difficult to feed, no matter their overall health. Your dog might not like the taste of the food, or they might not like the smell, but heating the food and increasing the scent and flavor can entice your dog into eating.
  • Your feeding time issues may be resolved if you only slightly heat up your dog’s food. You still need to be careful not to overheat it and cause your dog to burn their mouth.

    Can I Warm-up Wet Dog Food?

    You can safely warm up wet dog food in the microwave for seconds. However, you should avoid serving your pet too hot or cold food. If your dog’s canned food is refrigerated, you should consider bringing it to at least room temperature by microwaving it.

    Using a Polythene Bag and Hot Water

    Don’t have a microwave or a double boiler? Worry not. You can get a little creative using a polythene bag and hot water. Follow these steps:

  • Pour a considerable amount of water into a pot, place it on your burner, and allow it to heat.
  • Now, transfer your canned dog food into a polythene bag, tie it tightly, and slowly dip it in the hot water. Be careful not to throw it in as the hot water may splash on you, causing burns. Avoid using boiling water as it can damage the polythene bag and cause overheating.
  • Allow the dog food to heat for a few seconds. Remove it and mix the contents to allow even heating.
  • The food is now ready for your pup to dig in.
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    Do you heat your canned dog food? Most pet food companies recommend you serve their canned products at room temperature, and a good number of dog owners follow this instruction. However, it can sometimes take hours for refrigerated canned food to reach room temperature, necessitating heating.

    To heat canned dog food, you can microwave it (out of the can), use a double boiler or place it in a polythene bag, and carefully dip it in hot (not boiling) water. Alternatively, stir warm water or broth into the canned food. Whichever method you use, ensure you don’t serve the food too hot.

    This article offers a detailed guide to efficient ways of heating canned pup food and legitimate reasons why you should go this extra mile when feeding your dog. Read on to get some helpful tips.