Can you take dogs on public transport UK? Expert Advice

Which UK Bus Company Doesn’t Allow Dogs?

National Express is the only major UK bus company that doesnt allow dogs, with the exception of trained assistance dogs who have been trained by a member organisation of Assistance Dogs (UK). Assistant dogs must travel with their relevant identification and evidence that they are assistance dogs trained by one of the member organisations.

Major UK Bus Companies that Allow Dogs

You can take a dog on most buses in the UK, with one exception, so long as you follow the rules. Here are the companies that allow dogs on board:

Catching Long-Distance Trains in the UK with a Dog

Luckily, when it comes to taking long-distance trains in the United Kingdom, the situation is much more dog-friendly than flying. If you are travelling long distances and not driving, taking a train with your dog is a better alternative to flying with your dog.

For starters, on trains in the UK, dogs are allowed and even travel for free! This applies to both small dogs (in a container) and larger dogs (that need to be on a leash). Up to two dogs can travel per passenger for free, as long as they are part of your personal allowance of three free items. Additional pets will be charged at 50% of the adult fare.

If travelling in a sleeper cabin, a fee does however apply. Additionally, is an animal is causing or likely to cause inconvenience due to its size or behaviour, it can be removed.

For a full list of the regulations, check the National Rail website. The same rules are legislated to apply to all train companies in the UK, although fees charged can vary.

I’ve travelled from Manchester to London with my dog on a train and found it a very comfortable and convenient option. It’s best to book as far in advance as possible to get the best prices.

Can you take dogs on public transport UK?

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